St. Clair Gardens – pt.1

In a grubby alley is painted a gorgeous garden.

I’m working left to right through the alley.

Back of the first building

Corners to the second building

Using sideways pano

Back of the second building

Pics taken by Resa – March 20, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

Not sure how Mike Kennedy passed, but he was young. You’ve seen many of his collaborative projects on this blog. The artists did a wonderful tribute painting to his memory.I will post that in the future.

Perhaps he felt my joy taking these pics, and sent a ray of shine. It’s been very grey and dark since late December.


50 thoughts on “St. Clair Gardens – pt.1

  1. Timothy Price

    Beautiful. Sad he died so young. Definitely a light for your attention to the project. It’s a garden wall that doesn’t need watering.

    1. Art’s where I’m at now.
      Making as much art as I can, is my direction & intention. Taking pics of it out in the streets & alleys is my creative distraction that involves physical exercise.
      It’s a wonderful time. xo

        1. Thanks, but the bod does need work after the cra&&y winter. And now that it’s above freezing, it’s raining every day! Guess I’ll just have another glass of vino!

            1. I saw a nature program about how the polar ice caps are melting. It creates gaps that the icy polar fronts can escape through, and blow all over us. It was about how Canada is experiencing the most dramatic climate change on the planet.
              Yay! We are finally #1 in something. xo

              1. It’s not looking good Resa. I read that in about 25 years where I live will be ocean. I also saw the melting ice caps and and how the polar bears are endangered with no where to go.

                    1. …. and the artists, writers, thinkers and all creatives keep on keeping on about it . Yet, nothing changes, because the artists are not the corporations or politicians.
                      Perhaps a great writer or artist or sculptor needs to lead?
                      Yet, I see it is not within their perspicacity.

    1. A wonderful man who delivered beautiful art into the community! I missed you, too! I didn’t get any email notifications of new posts. Well, weird stuff happens on WP. Going to check on your blog now!

      1. Indeed…he shall be in the hearts of the community.

        I missed you so much. 🙂

        So, guess what? Remember awhile back I sent you an email with a 2nd little quote to fit at your door? Well, I tweaked it a bit and it sounds much better than the first one I send. Also, I’ve been writing lots of those short little poems/quotes. I want to share some of them with you and I know if you paint it on your door people will love it and be very curious. 🙂

        Anyway, how have you been? How’s art gowns coming along? and how’s Canada weather?

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