The Poetess

First mural hunt of the season, & I found this beauty. She has Holly’s soft brown eyes.

Whew! She is high up in the narrowest lane, although a compact drove through, very carefully.

Yeah, I stood on someone’s steps.  Also, there were a couple of discarded mattresses taking up space. Sprayed my NEW sneaks with bleach when I got home, just in case of bed bugs.

So, she has very long dark red hair, burgundy almost. Holly has lighter red hair. Still, I kept thinking of Holly.

She wears a beret. Makes me think of Beat poets and the Left Bank in Paris known for: jazz, the Latin quarter, and a long and historic string of writers, artists, and philosophers.

Then all these gorgeous flowers come in.

I see these as Holly’s luscious poems.

Poem after beautiful poem, just like Holly’s.

Pics taken by Resa – April 5, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

 Haley Alcott

91 thoughts on “The Poetess

  1. A more complex feeling Roy Lichtenstein was my initial impression of this beautiful street mural, my gawdness it is lovely!

    And what a perfect inspiration to attach to this find . . Holly and her plush prose.


    1. My dearest Marc,
      Thank you!
      It was a thrill to find this. Those eyes… are Holly’s!
      Art makes me think of things, possibly even ideas the artist never meant. Art does that.
      “Plush prose”… wish I had said that! Mouah!

    1. Oh! Thank you John!
      I like the slow reveal.
      I always try to show the art how I saw it when I came upon it. This was up so high, and long down a dark(ish) and narrow lane way, that this is how it came upon me! xo

    1. Holly is beautiful, inside and out!!
      Her poetry is special! AND we have a lot of fun, in comments. We have created a Go-Go dancer (Boogapony) a Torch singer (Rene Rosso) who is the alter ego for Princess Blue Holly ( a superhero who changes costumes based on her missions) I draw all of these in the ongoing Gowntoons on my Art Gowns Blog!

    1. Thank you, Diana! What a joy it was to find this on my first official walk of the season.
      I still remember my first mural find. I didn’t even know there were murals outdoors in the public eye.
      So happy you enjoyed this art! xo

  2. Timothy Price

    This is a beautiful portrait that is very Hollyesque. I love the flowers, also. The beret reminded me that the ghosts stole Laurie’s special Italian beret that I can’t get anymore.

      1. Timothy Price

        I haven’t told you about our kleptomaniac ghosts? The cats can see them. We hear and smell them. They steal things from us.

        1. Hmm, I think this might be the first time I’ve heard of these ghosts. Gee, maybe you should take the pheromone collar off Spunkie-Poo 💋 . Maybe he’ll attack them without it?
          What else is missing?

          1. Timothy Price

            It’s pretty creepy when the cats are watching the ghosts, but we can’t see them. I think the phermone collar calms down the ghosts, also. Check out our discussion on Holly’s latest post.

  3. Hi Resa, has Holly been to San Francisco, because this young lady and the flowers kinda remind me of the Haight Ashbury district and the Flower Power movement there (I wasn’t actually there but have seen and read bits about the time and place). Again you have found another gem and I love it.

  4. Thank you for the introduction to Artists on the Run and featuring their amazing work. They have a great website and Instagram. I am grateful for these amazing creators!!

    1. The mural is not signed. So, if I had not met the driver of the car trying to get into that narrow lane, I would not know who.
      It’s a friend of his.
      A bit of a story, I met 2 more young artists, from that encounter.
      They are amazing. Their young energetic spirits… never mind thinking outside the box, they are outside the box.
      It was a great day!

    1. Agree! I’ve watched them paint. They use a scissor lift. They have a sketch,drawing or photo and they refer to it as they paint. They step back quite often, look, then go back to painting!

  5. Dear Resa, this is gorgeous wall art. I wish it were me up there up among the beautiful flowers, I think we really must load up the VW van and make our way out to Haight Ashbury, wear some flowers in our hair and purple berets.
    We could starve … I mean live on the money we make from poetry slams. Thank you dahling, this is so beautiful and that it reminded you of me makes me so happy. xoxoxo ❤️🍷🍷

    1. Ahh, Boogapony time! Flowers in our hair and poetry everywhere sounds like the perfect summer. Coming up!
      Now…where did we park that van?
      Dear Meece, many beautiful things make me think of you!
      xoxoxo ❤️🍷🍷 (xo)

        1. Ahh, thank you dearest Meece! But seriously… where did we park the van?
          Or the Boogapony car?
          I think the next tour should be to the coffee houses of New York City, 1955 – 1960’s… “C’est What” first stop! Bongos, Beat poetry, Bob Dylan, Buffy, Joni, Joan Baez… even Hendrix started out there!
          It will be our summer 2022 tour!
          Adore you! xoxoxoxo 💞

          1. That sounds perfect. I can really get into that nostalgia. I parked the Boogapony car behind the coffee house. We’ll have to pull it out of the alley and spruce it up. Then off we go. I can’t wait to meet Dylan!

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      1. Hello Resa, oh I’ve been up and down or more like just numb…comfortably I might say, but not very active, almost no painting, no photo, bit of work, so I guess I am getting back or at least trying…:) I will wrote to you about an now old painting waiting…:)

        Take care!

      1. A trip to Paris? Very much so. I miss the place. When I do back there it’ll feel strange, me now a bland Englishman when once I was a proud citizen of Europe…prior to the moronic, racist Brexit mob who nicked my citizenship. It won’t be this year though. Young Rosie, the underwear thief…female and male…isn’t ready yet. By the way, Shirl has 14 berets. Have a splendid weekend. Regards, TOF

    1. It’s a wonderful mural! It’s not the first mural/street art I’ve found that makes me think of Holly.
      I hope I find one like you! LOL. I have 2 or 3 Hera’s! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. It really feels like Holly, add the poetess beret and you have the perfect mural for her!
        Hera’s wagging her tail and guess what else she’s doing! That’s right: get the sponges out! 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Such a lovely mural/portrait, Resa. Thank you for sharing it! Perhaps the artist did see Holly somewhere, and she became hi/her muse! I love the pensive look amidst the flowers. She looks like she’s weighing her options–or wondering how she ended up in a trash-filled alley.

    1. Lol! Okay, lol,, so there was some trash. Not the worst alley I’ve been in, for sure. Some of the best art is in the most tagged and rundown alleys.
      Merril, your comment is as poetic as this mural.
      Hmm, I’ve ended up in many a trash filled alley. Maybe I’m a poet and don’t know it because my feet aren’t long fellows?

  8. A very fetching photograph, I like it, and all the creatives linked to berets is always a nice thing to ponder upon. I am impressed that you are still finding new and talented murals and artists.

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