Vintage Toronto Music Scene

Oscar Peterson anchors this 22 story high mural in downtown Toronto.

This mural features the entertainers (Canadian & American) and the venues that were popular in Toronto’s yester-years.

It was impossible for me to capture images that are 22 stories high, but I made a stab at it. To the left, and above Oscar, we have B.B. King, who played a lot at The Colonial (a long gone fave spot for blues and jazz)

Shirley Matthews, an Ontario Performer, was a popular fixture at Club Bluenote.

Gordon Lightfoot was playing at Steeles Tavern when America discovered him. He moved on to Toronto’s prestigious Massey Hall after that!

By the 11th -12th story, Muddy Waters is looking somewhat muddy.

Jackie Shane, American in hiding for many years, has made a comeback to Toronto. We welcome her!

Above her is Dianne Brooks, Glenn Gould and Ronnie Hawkins. Besides my camera not having a telescopic lens, there were bare tree branches. By the blurry top,  it was all branches.

Pics take by Resa – November 18 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Adrian Hayles

Here is Adrian Hayles’ artist rendering, before the fact.

Here’s the best of my far away captures. Pfft! Hey, there’s a side 2! That’s the next post!

43 thoughts on “Vintage Toronto Music Scene

    1. Yeah, they use crane and scissor lifts. Perhaps Mr. Wapojif can invent a device for painting murals up high? I’m sure it would be a superior product!

            1. Brilliant! A bazooka paintball gun could do the trick!
              What do you mean don’t patronize? I patronize you constantly. It makes all worthwhile!

  1. How awesome ! 22 stories of these amazing blues artists and you caught them perfectly. You are awesome. I love Muddy, B.B. , G.L. , I love them all and this artist work is mind blowing! Thanks Resa, another unbelievable capture. ♥️♥️

    1. I’m so hAPpy to see your comment. OkAY, I haD a feW glassES of winE, but Why is that EFFin fLy on mY haND,
      Okay, I’m not fooling around any more, but that fly is creeping me out!

  2. Great 🌟⭐️🌟🌟⭐️ And… amazing photo shoots… those branches surrounding the mural: I absolutely love that one. Love and best wishes, dear Re 😘

    1. It was quite the thing to capture! 😀 5 stars…. awesome! I like the branches, too! I thought it was arty. When I can’t take a sharp shot, I go for a story shot. 😀 Sending love & hugs dear Aq! ❤

  3. It always makes me wonder how such a mural is done, planning it is probably easy on paper but getting up there, judging size and not having a perspective up so close. It makes the work all the more impressive.

      1. Carolee Croft

        I did, though it’s on my boyfriend’s camera and it’ll be a while before he downloads all his photos. But I’m so glad I captured it. It’s really cute!

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