Beauty & Bugs

I respect insects. However, if one gets caught in my hair, I freak out.

The Artists: BRUXAS (Fiya & Shalak)
The Artists: BRUXAS (Fiya & Shalak)
The Artists: BRUXAS (Fiya & Shalak)
The Artists: BRUXAS (Fiya & Shalak)
The Artists: BRUXAS (Fiya & Shalak)

I’m not happy to see them in my home, either.

The Artists: BRUXAS (Fiya & Shalak)
The Artists: BRUXAS (Fiya & Shalak)
The Artists: BRUXAS (Fiya & Shalak)
The Artists: BRUXAS (Fiya & Shalak)

Pics taken by Resa – July22, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

I believe these 2 artists are sisters.

65 thoughts on “Beauty & Bugs

  1. Great Wall art Resa, I wonder what made this artist go with bugs. Love the beautiful colors and the way the wings actually have the shine of silica. I also freak if a bug gets in my hair or on me anywhere. Not ants but the big ones. If you get bats in your hair you’ll go crazy that’s why I avoid caves. 😛❤️♥️🦋

    1. OMG! Bats!!
      I was running late for an important appt. mid downtown. There was no parking, everything was full. I was driving in concentric circles around my destination, & at this point a 10 min. walk away from it. There was a skinny sky scraper with underground parking, no lot full sign outside. Yay! OMG! There were spots for about 8 cars on each level. Ceiling height was about 6 feet.
      Winding down and down was like a carnival ride. It was black with dots of light. My heart was racing. About 10 levels down, there it was, a spot. I had broken serious sweat by now, and my hands were slipping on the steering wheel. Somehow I got into the smallest spot ….ever…. and was outta the car in a sec.
      A BAT attacked my head!! I panicked pathetically, but somehow got back in the car. With tears in my eyes and a thunder of racing horses in my heart, I twirled the car back to daylight.
      I can’t remember anything after that.
      So… No underground parking ever since, and now add caves to that!
      Thanks for the tip, Holly!!!👍❤️🔆 I need to calm my nerves! 🍷🎵🍷

      1. Pass that wine , I’m freaking out!!! Bats in your hair will make you crazy , it’s a known fact ( or old wives tale) promise me you’ll always wear a hat. 🍷🍷🥃🦇🦇🧛‍♀️♥️

        1. A Hat? Okay. I’m going with a sick b’ball hat w/ an OVO owl on it. Scratch that. I’ll paint my own bat on a generic hat. That will be bad asp! Thinking about it, the bat is an under used symbol. Okay…Batman…pfft. We need a brand logo (for all the product we aren’t marketing … yet) I’m nominating a bat or an asp? Feedback? 🍷🍷🦇🦇 Where the hel* is that asp emoji? ❤ ❤

          1. Let’s go Marine on their asp and use the “Don’t Tread On Me” symbol, a big ole Rattler. If we’re going deep in bowels of that parking lot bring a flask. 🦇🙌🥃🧛‍♀️🧡

  2. The colours are spectacular. This must be a new piece, there is no sign of time wearing at all. And the only kinds of bugs I would accept in my hair would be fake and attached to some clip 😉

    1. It is pretty new. It was done late 2017. Also,the wall is in an indent and some what protected.
      I would accept a clip-on butterfly. A clip-on cockroach is way outta my league! 😀 ❤

  3. Spectacular! My most favorite quote about insects, “If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.”

  4. Carolee Croft

    They freak me out too, but I try not to panic if I see them in my home. I like to use a “catch and release” program.

  5. Cool art and a polarising subject is bugs. Good to see them given some wall space. I try and let my curiosity and admiration of bugs override my instinct to freak out. Moving to hotter climes some years back exposed me to a whole new universe of bugs which I’m learning to live alongside peacefully, apart from Tiger Mosquitoes which I kill on sight – not proud but those creatures are more vicious and sneakier than a pit of snakes.

    1. OMG, Tiger Mosquitoes! Run away, now!!! What the???? You have a pit snake? Well, does it eat Tiger Mosquitoes? Perhaps there is a new age toy in here? The Tiger M P-Snake Doll. You pull the cord, and it raps. Wow!

    1. I adore lizards! Tell your parents the lizards are little pets, and will bring them good luck.
      Interesting that there is a sudden influx, though. Nonetheless, the lizards will eat the bugs. Perhaps there were many insects that your parents couldn’t see. Lizards are nature’s little bug catchers. 😀 Love to you & your parents! 😀 ❤

      1. Yes, lizards are nature’s little bug catchers ~ I like how you wrote that, Resa! Oh there’s a surge in lizards in their area as a wildlife place let their lizards loose when they were closing and it’s not too far from my parents’ home. Crazy, hey?!

        1. Yes, crazy!!! Wow, yet, kind of amazing. Is Vancouver Island a normal home to lizards? Well, I hope enough survive to be beneficial as little bug catchers. This is an interesting scenario that I will keep up on. ❤

          1. Normally we might get see one or two lizards but lately we see them almost daily in that area (between me and my parents as I’m not there every day). I know, right?! I hope you’re doing well ♥

  6. The size of that would freak me out, I jump when seeing cockroaches, they have a subtle sneaky way of creeping up. The lady’s poker face if she is scared is impressive.

    1. Like I say, Kill & Flush when it’s a cockroach. Yes…. c’roaches sidle, they are very, very creepy. I brought one home in a grocery bag years ago. I saw it escape the bag: grabbed the vacuum, which was handy, as I never really finish vacuuming, saw it in a crevice and sucked the FU&^%$ up, then put the vacuum in a large plastic garbage bag, taped up the bag with heavy duty packing tape, then put it outside where it was 20 below zero. 😀 A job well done!

  7. Out walking, one evening, a spider became entangled in my hair as I walked through its web. It was the strangest feeling! I could sense his urgency to release him/herself. Afterwards I freaked a little, with shudders running through my body… 🙂 This art certainly reminded of that. However, Resa, in their place (outside) I adore them.

    1. Yes, as long as they stay outside, and don’t get in my hair, I’m good to go with the bug world!
      You make a god point in that they don’t want to be in our hair any more than we do. 😀 xoxoxo

        1. We live right on a migratory path by Lake Ontario. When we moved here 17 years ago, I would see CLOUDS of Monarchs in the early summer, and then in late summer/early fall.
          There are no more clouds of Monarchs in the air. There have been no Monarch clouds for almost 10 years. This is what lead us to plant the milkweed. We named it Milky. Milky, has gotten bigger and there are now baby Milkies. We are hoping to make a little home here for the Monarchs.

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