The cat is my fave element of this wall art.

The cat lives in an alley, in a piece of alley art, somewhere in Little Italy.

Sam The Record Man is part of Toronto’s history.

So are the many delicious Italian restaurants that grace our city. As a vegetarian, I’m always guaranteed a yummy meal, at an Italian restaurant. Okay, I’m a pasta junkie, but the ultimate is Fiori di Zucca.

It is zucchini flowers tossed in flour, and flash fried. This is the one I love. Some are stuffed with ricotta & mint or bocconcini & dipped in a batter. There are many variations. A generous squeeze of lemon, on the crispy delights, is a must.

Pics taken by Resa – April 3, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

56 thoughts on “L’Italia

  1. Timothy Price

    The cat is out of sight. Sam the Record Man and record girl is really nicely painted. Your Fiori di Zucca looks like Chiles Rellenos, which are green chiles stuffed with cheese, dipped in batter and fried. I don’t know how you do with hot chiles, but I think you would love chiles rellenos. I love the dress drawing.

    1. I’m a huge fan of chilies. I have made battered fried chilies, but I never knew what they were called. I just made them because it seemed like a yummy idea. Do you put toppings on them…sauce or lemon or??
      I put chilies in more food than I should, but they are a very attractive food.
      LOL… I just had to do up a quick gown sketch in the colours of the Italian flag.
      Musicians will be jamming tonight. I’m hoping to get a great sketch or 2 out of it!

      1. Timothy Price

        Green or red chile sauce goes well on rellenos. Lime would go better than lemon I would think. You can never put too much chile on food. I eat green chile every day, and red chile several times a week. I can’t wait to see what the jam inspires you to draw.

  2. The cat is awesome! Sam the man is well known in the states! Love the gown, that’s such a great plan to make in in the colors of the Flag of Italy and of course the food looks scrumptious! Great shots Resa! Love this.

    1. I must eat Fiori di Zucca! Craving, craving, and good news, it’s in season. YAY! I just had to do a flag gown.. it’s one of the quickest I’ve ever done. I was trying a slightly different pose… hence the mucked shoe…. UCH
      Anyway, its jam night. I’ve got the art supples and wine ready to go!
      TY, dear Holly!!! xo

            1. 🎵Do scales… or old rock tunes to warm up. Then, Lena (shivers) Horne & Hazel Scott, Sarah Vaughn and on and on.. Still shivering. 🎵I need a towel! 🎵

                1. Pick a song for Rene to sing that night! I’ll put it in the post. Best to have one that is not an official video, but just the music & words. Although… whatever. Anyway, no rush, yet! xo

  3. The cat is WONDERFUL. I love his shadow and his eyes. Your gown is beautiful and the food…if only you, Holly and I could meet there for lunch. 🙂 What fun we would have.

    1. Yeah.. the cat is fab!
      It would be a glorious day when the 3 of us met to eat F di Z at a resto. I only hope they’d have enough blooms! 😀

    1. Yes, I thought of your black beauties when I saw this. PUD? Love it, you softy, you! Love to all you guys in Graz! Be good! If you be bad, at least be good at it! 😀 😀 xoxoxo ❤

  4. Un post meraviglioso. Amo il gatto. Dobbiamo un debito di gratitudine all’Italia per averci dato così tanto. Balletto da Firenze Orti botanici a Pisa, Dentiera dagli Etruschi. Più recentemente, macchine per caffè espresso e Jacuzzi Spa.

    A wonderful post. I love the cat. We owe a debt of gratitude to Italy for giving us so much. Ballet from Florence Botanical gardens in Pisa, Denture by the Etruscans. More recently, Espresso machines and Jacuzzi Spa.

    1. Wow, a bilingual comment. I love it!
      I agree, there is so much the Italian culture has given us. I know Marco Polo brought noodles back from China… but Italian pasta is a love of mine. In my older years, I now wear this love of pasta on my tummy.
      Not to worry, I eat a lot of tomatoes with it. 😀
      When I went to Fashion Design college, the Italian couture was my main inspiration!

  5. Hello Resa, I just love this image of little Italy. The way the artist used the underlying bricks as the wall is clever but the cat….that is amazing. To be able to get the 3D effect and shadow as well as to get the cat to just show up is unbelievable! The Margherita pizza was made in tribute to the flag of Italy and Princess Blue Holly’s dress has made me feel hungry now! Thanks for sharing this artwork.

    1. Amazing about the Margherita pizza. It’s my fave. I now see the colours of the flag. I love learning things.
      It is a clever mural, & nice that you catch PBH in waiting.

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