Year of the Dog – Yay!

⭐️ This special post celebrates the Chinese Zodiac: THE YEAR OF THE DOG⭐️ “Hello, I’m Hera, your Hostess of Ceremonies on this exciting occasion”.

Artwork by: Marina Kanavaki – Photo © Marina Kanavaki

“I know I’m gorgeous, but my mom’s art pillows help add to my beauty. My mom is an artist, Marina Kanavaki and she has a blog!

At this celebration you will meet many dogs. You will meet real dogs & graffiti dogs.”

Above is Clay & Ruty. Their mom is Belén Soto & she has a blog, too! Hmm, that looks like a park behind them! Of course, dogs LOVE to go to the park with their humans.

Photo © Marina Kanavaki

“Year of the Dog begins on February 16, 2018 & ends on February 4, 2019.”

“So, let me introduce this stunning white graffiti dog I met in Graffiti Alley in Toronto.”

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“Ah, beauty, thy name is dog! Did I mention dogs LOVE to go to the park with their humans.”

Photo © Marina Kanavaki

“Many Graffiti dogs, like this St. Bernard, live in the alleys.”

Some like me, are rescue dogs. (Thank you mommy! ❤️🎵❤️.) The poor little thing below was rescued by Resa’s friend. Buddy was kept in 1 room, never had baths, never went to the park & lived in his own filth.”

“Buddy lives with Resa’s friend now. He goes to the park, gets baths & love.”

‘There is no Year Of The Human. When I see dogs like Buddy (and me before Marina found me) I know why.”

Photo © Marina Kanavaki

“However, I do wish there was The Year of the Mommies and Daddies Who Love Dogs, Mommies like Marina….. & Belén, where as you can see, there is no shortage of love.”

Photo © Belén Soto
Artists: Birdo, Hames, Spud

“Some dogs bay at the moon, even if they are painted & live in the alley.”

Artists: Birdo, Hames, Spud

“Many graffiti dogs have gone into modelling and advertising.”

Artist: Lazo

“Did I mention dogs like to go to the park?”

Photo © Marina Kanavaki

“Before I forget, I’d like to show you more pics of Ruty and Clay. Some are from when they were puppies.”

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“So, While I’m being a good Hera waiting for Marina to take me to the park,”

Photo © Marina Kanavaki

I want to tell you that you can buy my mom’s art on  Marina’s Art Shop Many products with her art on them are available on Society 6 Her music is at Marina’s Music & don’t forget her art calendar on MagCloud

Also, Ruty and Clay want me to tell you that you can buy Belén’s ceramics at Belén’s Tienda


 Pics of graffiti taken by Resa – 2017 & 2018

Toronto & Winnipeg, Canada

Artists of 1st shown mural

Artists: @mr_tensoe2 @crwales66 @nick_sweetman @scieter @3tr_t @braes_ack @getsofacto @poserabm
Artist: Marina Kanavaki – Photo © Marina Kanavaki



Resa’s ☆ 1000 Post Gala ☆

‘RESA’s  1000  GALA:  ⭐ STARRRING STREET ART & more art ⭐

Barcelona, Spain – courtesy SATH 

Arists: Sath w/ Sendys – Title: Free wifi – Photo © Sath

 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Courtesy Aquileana

Photo © Amalia Pedemonte – Artist: unknown at this time

With  Georgiann’s Chicklets providing Costumes & Set Dec

Chicklets Art © Georgian Carlson

and Special Effects by Sherrie

Photo © Sherrie Yager (just inside the street art)

Welcome! I’m Drake, Master of Ceremonies  for Resa’s 1000 Gala Resa wanted to be here, but she’s at home with Belén tending to Sol’s & my newly hatched egg.

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

Hehehe! Cuter than any street art! Right? We haven’t named her, yet. Hello little girl .. kiss , kiss! Love you baby girl … Huh?

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

OH, he he, he! Yes, back to the 1000 post! NO…NO, not a post with 1,000 things on it, but Resa’s 1000th post of Street Art.

So without further adieu, I introduce the following Street Art.

Cincinnati, U.S.A. – Courtesy A Frank Angle

James Brown  – Photo © A Frank Angle

 Montreal, Canada – courtesy Norman

Photo © Norman Orenstein

Greece/Canada co-pro  – courtesy  Marina Kanavaki

Artist Marina Kanavaki


A Los Angeles/Toronto Co-Pro STREET POETRY – Written by Charlie Zero, the poet & painted on Resa’s Black Door.

Quote by: Charlie Zero the poet – Art by: Resa
Quote by: Charlie Zero the poet

The United Kingdom – courtesy Ste J

Photo @ Steve Johnson

Hawaii. U.S.A. – Courtesy Rob Moses

Photo © Rob Moses

Spain – Courtesy Cindy Knoke

Photo © Cindy Knoke

Georgiann’s Chicklets want to thank all Street Artists for their fab contribution to art and culture, and remind all artists to protect themselves from spray paint fumes!

Chicklets Art © Georgiann Carlson

Well, that’s a wrap on Resa’s 1000 Gala

Artist: Sath – Photo © Sath

Resa sincerely thanks all who follow GLaM, and all who participated in and/or attended tonight’s Gala.

Art Gown: Graffiti Girl Glam © Resa

Header Art by: Cruz1


Okay, Resa doesn’t know, but I just have to show you this scan Marina did of Atom Flowers before she sent her gift of art to Resa. Thank you, Marina!

Artist: Marina Kanavaki

☆☆ Happy Fourth of July ☆☆

☆☆ Have a wonderful day! ☆☆

Artist: Joseph Sagaj

I learned that the rose was designated the official flower and floral emblem of the U.S.A. in 1986.

I learned that on May 9, 2016, President Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act into law. This majestic animal joins the ranks of the Bald Eagle as the official symbol of your country.

Artist: René J. Lanthier

Pics taken by Resa, March 22, 2015 – May 9, 2014 – October 3, 2012

Toronto & Winnipeg, Canada

Courtesy: Pixaby

Here Comes the Bride

Dear Belén, I’m so happy you flew with Lúa and Mar to the wedding!

As promised, here are the wedding photos. Sol’s wedding dress is very beautiful!

She can’t stop showing it off!

Didn’t you just love the look on Drake’s face when he saw Sol in the gown for the first time?

It was a beautiful ceremony.

Sol’s egg was a beautiful Flower Girl, even though it is not hatched, yet.

I thought Penelopoe The Witch did a lovely job presiding over the ceremony. I had no idea that Duck Weddings were so unique.

I loved the way Penelope led all of the Ducks in a quack-off as they circled over Drake and Sol, while they made their pledges to each other.

Of course, in duck weddings, the bride kisses the groom, and it was a beauty of a kiss.

Here’s the photo from prior to the ceremony, when the Wedding Party posed for a photograph. Click on it to see the full splendor!

From left to right: Mr. Wapojif (groom & DJ), Benji (Best Man) Drake, Sol, Mar (Maid of Honor) Lúa (Maid of Honor)

Close ups of Wedding Party

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I know you were just as excited as I was, when after the ceremony, Sol threw the bouquet.

I remember how  happy we were when Ms. Zulu caught it.

Ms. Zulu was such a doll, handing out the Wedding Programmes. She’d like to remind everyone to take a souvenir Wedding Programme. (click on Programme to view &/or download)

Here’s a picture of the Wedding Cake, taken before the “INCIDENT”, which necessitated the last minute baking of chocolate cookies.

Wedding designed and shot by Resa – March – June, 2017 – Toronto Canada

Drake, Sol, Mar, Lúa & Penelope The Witch designed and made by Belén Soto from Arcilla y Fuego Belén lives in Vigo, Spain, and you can shop her fabulous creations at Cerámica Belén Soto

Benji – The Best Man

Special thanks to Anarette for bringing Benji and Ms. Zulu to the wedding

Special Thanks from Drake to: Mr. Wapojif, esteemed editor of “Professional Moron” for doubling up as groom and DJ.


Drake offers an explanation: Another duck, who looks just like him, has moved into the neighborhood. The cats hypnotized this “other” duck into craving  Red Velvet cake, due to the dark rich chocolate.

After that, Drake pleads the Fifth.

Well, I hope you like all of the pictures. Before I go, Sol wants to show you her first fitting. Although she thought the purple was a bit dark, she thought it was a gorgeous option.

Love Resa

Seasons Greetings – 2016

♫♫ Happy ♬ Holidays ♪♪ to you! ♫♫


♭♫ From Drake and Sol,  ♬ and their egg, too! ♫


♬ ♬ Happy Holidays, to you! ♬ ♬

⭐ ⭐ ⭐


⭐ ⭐ ⭐


Belén Soto and Resa are happy to announce the upcoming wedding of Black Drake and Sol.


Using the beautiful Art Calendar by Marina Kanavaki, the pair has decided on a June wedding.


Sol shows off her gorgeous engagement ring.

Pics taken by Resa – December, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Visit Belén’s Tienda to shop for unique ceramics!


The happy couple share a tender moment.


Click on Marina’s Art Calendar to buy one at MagCloud.


A Women’s Parliament

On January 28, 1914, Nellie McClung starred as Manitoba’s suspender snapping and cigar smoking Premier, in a mock parliament at the Walker Theater in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen
Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

This is Post two of “Nellie week” presented by Christy Birmingham of When Women Inspire & I.

The previous day, January 27, 1914, Nellie and many women of the Political Equality League met with Premier Roblin and the legislative body to request the vote for women.

Artist: Mandy van Lueewen

Premier Roblin condescended. He said, “I believe woman suffrage would break up the home and send women to mix up in political meetings.”

Artist: Mandy van Lueewen
Artist: Mandy van Lueewen

This prompted a guerilla “mock parliament” wherein women had the vote, but not men. It was added to that night’s showing of  How They Won The Vote“, a play originally produced in London. It was adapted to fit Winnipeg in 1914.

Artist: Mandy van Lueewen
Artist: Mandy van Lueewen

Vis-a-vis  this amazing mural in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Christy and I take a look at the mock parliament that changed women’s voting rights of yesterday into women’s voting rights of today, in Canada.

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

It featured: Nellie as  a female Premier Roblin, and her daughter Florence,  as a parliamentary page. As well, it showcased 2 other mother and daughter pairs.

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

There was Harriet Walker (Minister of Public Works) and her daughter Ruth (a parliamentary page). I am not sure which image is Mrs. Walker.  Mrs. Francis Graham, below,  portrayed Speaker of the House. Her daughter, Miss Alma Graham, was a Clerk.

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

The following text does not necessarily reflect the ensuing photographs. Dr. Mary Crawford played the Minister of Health and Education…

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

… Miss Kenneth Haig { Attorney General), Mrs. Lipsett-Skinner (Minister of Agriculture), Miss Francis Beynon (Leader of the Opposition) and Dorothy Milne.

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

Mrs. Lipsett-Skinner, pleasantly satirical, rejected a bill introducing labor-saving devices. The thought was, if men had spare time on their hands, they could start educating themselves. Next thing, they’d be petitioning for the vote.

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

Many men were in support of the Suffrage movement, and took part in the play. A delegation of men, headed by R.C. Skinner, came seeking suffrage privileges for the male sex. They had a slogan “We have the brains. Why not let us vote?”

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen
The men’s case was ardently presented. The bill was effectively thwarted by Premier McClung, in the same vein (but with comedic overtone) that she and the Women’s Equality League had been dissed the day before.
The audience howled in delight.
Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

To read the transcripts of the awesome “Winnipeg Free Press” review of that hilarious and historic night’s play about a mock parliament published on January 29, 1914 go to:

The Nellie McClung Foundation – Primary Sources Page – “Women Score in Drama and Debate” (4th article down) Apologies for the indirect link.

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen
Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

In the CBC archives from 1974 , is a video narrated by Beatrice Brighton who as a young girl  attended “A Woman’s Pariament” with  her mother. This is definitely worth a watch!

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen
Although Nellie and her family had moved to Edmonton, she returned to Manitoba to campaign for Liberal leader T. C. Norris in the August 1915 election. He defeated Premier Roblin. On January 28, 1916 Norris delivered his promise, granting full suffrage to the women of Manitoba.

 The third and final installment of “Nellie Week” will be posted on When Women Inspire in 2 days, on December 16.

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen – Photo & adjustment by Resa

 Pics taken by Resa – October 30 , 2016

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

⭐ Special thanks to: Jen Mosienko, Sari Habiluk & Sharon Jonson ⭐


The Nellie McClung Foundation supports and celebrates equal rights for all human  beings, regardless of sex, race or creed.

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen
Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

This mural at 560 Sargent Avenue is to celebrate 100 years of women voting in Manitoba


It is sponsored by: Crestview Pharmacy, Cindy Gilroy, Province of Manitoba/Sports, Culture & Heritage, Winnipeg Building and Decorating, University of Winnipeg,  North American Lumber, West End BIZ, Nellie McLung Foundation, Take Pride Winnipeg, and Winnipeg Foundation

My Funny Afterthoughts

Women had bigger and better hats than men. No wonder men were threatened. (Wink!)

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen
Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

So many issues! It’s a wonder men ever got the vote! (Wink!)

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen
Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

100 years later, women still do not have pay equity to men, in Canada! (No wink)

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen
Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

Lastly, if you love poetry and stories visit Christy on her other blog Poetic Parfait

Artist: Mandy van Leeuwen

Art from the Heart of Clandestinos

This stunning 5 story  high mural is on Main St. in Winnipeg.

Artists: Clandestinos
Artists: Clandestinos

Clandestinos is the heart & art union of Shalak Attack & Bruno Smoky.

Artists: Clandestinos
Artists: Clandestinos

It seems when it comes to love, they have both of their hearts sewn into one.

Artists: Clandestinos
Artists: Clandestinos

Read about them on Shalak’s Website

Artists: Clandestinos
Artists: Clandestinos

I just love the buffalo on the hat brim!

Artists: Clandestinos
Artists: Clandestinos

I also love the change of texture on the wall.

Artists: Clandestinos
Artists: Clandestinos
Artists: Clandestinos
Artists: Clandestinos

You can also visit Shalak on Instagram or Bruno Smoky on Instagram

Artists: Clandestinos

Visit Clandestinos Art on Facebook

Photos taken by Resa – October 27, 2016

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Artists:


Artists: Clandestinos
Artists: Clandestinos