Aqua Man – Underpass Park

This aqua blue face adorns 1 side of a pillar in Underpass Park.

BlueMan #5

The face seems familiar, but I just can’t place it.

BlueMan #4

BlueMan #3

BlueMan #2

BlueMan #1

Pics taken by Resa, November 16, 2015

Toronto, Canada

The Artist

BlueMan #6

Underpass Park


30 thoughts on “Aqua Man – Underpass Park

    1. Do you watch on your TV? Or do you hit the theater? With “on demand”, I could become a lump watching all these great movies all day & night. So many amazing movies constantly available!
      Oh, and I love the oldies. Silent films are a bit of a challenge, though.

      1. I only ever watch the football (soccer) and doctor Who on TV these days, everything else is usually off the net or dusting off DVDs which I still like to do. I’m not ashamed to say I do quite like to binge on NCIS as well. Some silent films are great, I did a post about them once and got loads of recommendations which I haven;t gotten around to watching yet.

  1. Do you think he looks a bit like Brad Pitt my friend ? Or is this question just deja-vu ? 😉
    Or, maybe he is blue like me after dipping my toe into freezing water.
    Big hug. xox oxo xox #< ❤

    1. I agree, he’s lovely! I have 2 more faces to post by this artist. One is white, the other very, very blue. I am behind over 600 pieces of Street Art behind. I don’t ant to be a blog hog, so up to 1 a day is enough.

      1. Still, many of your posts are missed – not everyone can follow such pace. Not me definitely, but I love what I get to see anyway 🙂 Well done! Didn’t think of putting up a book or something?

          1. Yes, I have seen the page. Fabulous! Use them, do a photo shoot with models, think of some story. The most inspiring man for me is Brandon Stanton, who started from zero. Didn’t look like a businessman to me either 🙂

            1. Okay, I just finished looking at Diego Rivera’s work… awesome & thank you & I see what you are saying! Now over to Brandon Stanton!
              How come you’re so smart?

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