51 thoughts on “Blue

    1. Nothing like a great alley! I still must remember to do the shots all around so you can do the circle view for me. This would have been a good alley, as there were garages on both sides. The city likes to fund garage art on garages that run alongside a park.
      Then there is no circular view.
      Thanks for the epic sky tree pics!!!

    1. Good! That means you’re singing a happy song! ๐Ÿ˜€

      I only began loving the colour blue about 7 years ago. It was always a cool colour, but now I love it!

    1. I want to find more art, but the weather isn’t allowing long walks.
      Maybe tomorrow…. maybe!
      Anyway, I have lots in the kitty. It’s just finding it is so much fun!

  1. Blue blue but so beautiful they are too! Such rich blues (love the purple hands intertwined with the blue…) and yes… blue for Frank…

    1. Agree, those purple hands make the blue, bluer!

    1. I call the art I find in the streets and alleys “treasure”. too!
      It’s above 0, so I’m headed out to find more art! I’ll be by later!
      ABOVE 0!!!!!

    1. IKR… that sun behind a goddess. I adore this art. I hope
      I can get out fora few hours tomorrow to shoot art… weather dependant.
      50/50 right now. xoxo

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