On A Frank Farewell

Much to my consternation, my dear blog pal, A Frank Angle, is retiring from the blog world. Good-byes are difficult, so instead, I have decided to induct him into:

Opening this tribute, direct from Holly’s House Of Heart, is Rene Rosso doing her rendition, of renditions, of a song by:

…one of Frank’s fave bands;

Here is one of the many renditions.

Frank has written some very popular posts over his 11 years. One of his most interesting regular articles was “Opinions In The Shorts” aka OITS.

The first time I ever read an OITS, the opening shot was a bunch of shorts on a clothesline. I figured huh, this guy sits around in shorts, writing opinions. Cool!I was wrong; opinions yes, shorts no.Dale, from A Dalectable Life has been a lovely, loyal co-host on many of Frank’s posts.

For this special occasion, Dale has cut short her Paris Gown fitting at Art Gowns, to model this OITS outfit I designed. We hope you have an opinion about it!

Frank is from Cincinnati, and is a huge baseball fan.

Direct from  Art Towards A Happy Day is Marina Kanavaki. Marina graciously agreed to model this Cincinnati Reds Art Gown. This and all Art Gowns art here today have been specifically created for Frank.

Music has always been a big thing on Frank’s blog. Most recently Frank has been producing music concerts. However, before that he produced many Theatrical Musicals.

That’s me above, in a pair of tights with Marina’s artwork (Paths of Color) on them. I’m off to the theatre, to see one of Frank’s productions. As a matter of fact, the post was titled “Off to the Theatre in Paths of Color”. If you click on the pic you can read the post!

Frank, here’s Rene Rosso with another song for you!

To all reading: Frank’s last 3 posts are scheduled for: January 28, January 30, February 1 & February 2. Click  on the pic below,  to check out the first  of the last.

 Now, here’s Rene Rosso with her special choice of song for you. As always, with RR, the Torchier, the better.

Eye will miss you.

Dear Frank,

Time is such a thief. I just found you several years ago and now after a short time, you will not be around. The photo below (also the header, which I tried to filter into looking like one of your cosmic headers) was taken when I was in my 30’s. I dug it up for this post.

Dale, Marina and Holly were all in cahoots with me. They knew what I was up to, and they all approved their outfits.

-Resa xo

124 thoughts on “On A Frank Farewell

  1. Resa, I’m so happy I can make a comment. Usually, WP says Nix, not letting you. All your blogs are incredible. This one is definitely one of your best for Frank, a fellow blogger friend. And we see you in all your glory, even younger as you say. A beautiful young woman, truly. Just know I always read your blogs and try to like and comment. But, I’m at the mercy of WP, whether that happens or not. Best to you, and keep the photos coming. The graffiti ones are extraordinary. 📚Christine

    1. Thank you, Christine!
      AND thank you WordPress for letting her comment!
      I’m glad you got to read this special post for Frank. Thank you very much for coming around, whether you can comment or not.
      I check my SPAM folder regularly, and you are not in there, so it’s not that.
      Take care, Christine, an we shall see you soon!

      1. Thanks, Resa! I’ll visit your blog posts, sometimes you’ll know, sometimes not. Fingers crossed with WP. You are the most creative “artsy” blog friend I have. Keep it going. 📚🎶 Christine

  2. This is absolutely fabulous… Moving and FABULOUS!!!!!!!
    I’ve said that before and never tire to. You have a heart of gold, my sweet friend.
    I know Frank will love this!
    A huge huge hug from me to a GORGEOUS [wow, Resa, that photo… just wow!!!!!], extra talented [I adore your art/Art Gowns and kind woman, I’m proud to call, my friend!
    Love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Just reblogged it here: https://marinakanavaki.com/2020/01/29/reblog-on-a-frank-farewell/

    1. Marina!
      I’m so happy you participated in this special post for Frank.
      It’s all very inspiring, in an off beat kind of way.
      You know, after I made the post, I had a difficult time clicking the publish button. It was as though, if I didn’t publish it, it wouldn’t be so. Every once in awhile, I try to make time stand still, but it’s relentless.
      In the words of the Fabulous David Bowie
      “Time may change me
      But I can’t trace time”.
      I am very proud to call you my friend, too!
      More love!

      1. I was honored, very very proud and as happy as can be!
        I know exactly how it must have felt and your feelings are too familiar. I keep having the same thoughts…
        And I am proud, so very very proud, Resa… wait Hera wants in too, she wants me to give you more kisses and hugs!!!!!! With pleasure Hera:

        1. Hera! You need an Art Gown!
          Too much? Okay…an Art Hat?

          1. An Art Gown, definitely!!!!!!!!
            She’s been too sky to ask, but I can see how she looks at your Art Gowns… I know she wants one!!!!!👗🐾👗🐾👗🐾👗🐾👗🐾👗

              1. Oh, yes and don’t forget the ears (that is, if you’re thinking of adding a head piece!)…. Needless to say, Hera’s all over the place on the thought that one day she might wear an Art Gown created by your magical hands! 🐾🥰🐾🥰🐾🥰🐾🥰🐾🥰🐾🥰

  3. This turned out even better than I could have imagined… Lookit you, you gorgeous thing!!

    Though we are sad that Frank is moving on, we have to be happy that we were part of his clan for however long each of us has.

    Beauty of a job, Sistah!

    1. Dear Sistah Dale,
      Thank you for being so wise!
      Yes, I am happy that I was part of his clan, for as long as I was.
      Did you notice in the Blogging Hall of Fame banner, I used your Thunder Symbol?
      It’s perfect! ⚡️💥
      Thank you for being an Art Gowns model, and modelling this special OITSfit for Frank.

  4. Resa.
    Saw the notification of this, and for some crazy reason came here first before answering my own comments. In some ways, I’m speechless – not knowing what to say. I read every word, watched every video in their entirety, read every comment – I smiled, I laughed, I cried. Taking your tie to share your talent for me is more than overwhelming – but believe me – very appreciated! … and then to topping it off with a picture of yourself of moons ago. (Loved it!)

    We encounter many on our blogs. Some brief, others not so. Some stick around, others vanish – and I’ve surely encountered many in my 11+ years. – but some (like you) make it into the upper echelon … my Hall of Fame – and you are certainly one of them.

    Now that I’m more composed, time to get started at my end.

    PS: I had never thought about that view of Opinions in the Shorts … damn … I missed out on a great idea!

    1. Dear Frank,
      I’m glad you came over!
      I am thrilled that you like… are moved by this post. I wanted it to be fun, yet melancholy at the same time, but not sad.

      I got this post up quite quickly. After the wonderful Marina left some words about you leaving, I knew I had to leave some of my own. Of course, rounding up the right Art Gowns models & the chanteuse Rene Rosso (Holly) for the post was important. I am so lucky these lovely women let me draw them.
      As for the OITS:

  5. What a heart touching loving post, Resa! I know when I found out Frank was closing up shop, I was shocked. As with youth (your picture at the end is STUNNING!) time waits for no one and cruelly as she marches on, so many changes occur. Goodbyes are one of them! This post ….. how creative it is which only reflects how creative the creator is. I know I told Frank I’d be there for him so I will make sure I get over to his place to read yesterday’s post. Much love to you!! xo

    1. Dear Amy,

      Thank you so much for reading and enjoying this tribute!
      As Dale said “Though we are sad that Frank is moving on, we have to be happy that we were part of his clan for however long each of us has.”

      On another note, I’ve started a new Art Gown. While playing with bits and fabrics, I figured out the one to be dedicated to you. So that will be the Art Gown after this current one I’m working on.
      LOL, there is a pillow case involved.
      Anyway, as they take 3 – 6 months, I expect the one for you to be ready in 6 – 9 months. Crazy huh!
      Will keep you posted! xo

      1. You’ve got my curiosity piqued right now, Resa. A pillow case involved? Not withstanding my imagination can do a lot with that one! I cannot wait to see your creation. Oh goodie, something to look forward to.
        I understand about moving on. Frank is doing what he believes is best for him. I get it. I again thank YOU for making such a delightful post for Frank. Good job, Beautiful! xo

    1. Thanks, Janet! I will mis Frank. He was great at getting people to chat with each other via the comments.
      The leggings are a lot of fun, because they have my friend’s artwork printed on them. 😀

    1. How sweet of you to say so, Terri, both about the tribute and my photos.
      Sometimes I wish I could just tape that shot of me in my 30’s to my head, and call it a day!

  6. Timothy Price

    Wow! Frank is a lucky guy to get such a glamorous post. He is deserving as well. All you beautiful women in cahoots would be a dream come true. I love the leggings. Marina’s artwork is fab The photo from your 30’s is fabulous and so striking. WOW! I love the one eyed beauty. You, Marina and Holly are simply Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

    1. 🎵Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious🎵

      Thank you, Tim!
      Gee, a dream come true is a really lovely compliment. I will say, it is so much fun drawing them and all the other Art Gowns models.Yeah, the 30’s. I have a feeling we all looked pretty darn great in our 30’s.
      I like this particular one eye for this post. It seems like her hair is raining… or crying in a stylized way. Does marina have a tree?
      This is a very sweet and lovely comment for this tribute for Frank. The girls and I have enjoyed the time spent there, very much!

      1. Timothy Price

        From the few photos you have shown of yourself from the front, you are as lovely as ever. You would still look stunning if you did that photo now.

        Marina does not have a tree. She can certainly claim one. I have one cottonwood and a few fruit trees on the property still available. I have a pair tree by the bamboo I have not put on the market yet that has a nice shape. It’s a dwarf pair. Otherwise, there are lots of trees on the way to the bosque and in the bosque.

    1. Dear Holly,
      I’ve been drowning my sorrows in cups & cups of coffee this morning. You could sail a ship in me. Okay… a small Barbie size rowboat.
      What? It’s the afternoon? 😀
      I’m so thrilled that you & RR are part of this tribute, and induction.

      I'm going to Boogapony onto the wine tonight, when the band strikes up!
      However, for now, I'm going to make another pot of coffee!!

    2. Holly,
      I can’t thank you enough for both reblogging this post and for participating in this. The way I see it, you are the Queen of Resa’s Runway, so wow … the top of the line turned out for me.

    1. Thank you dear Holly! Yes, we will miss Frank. I don’t know what I’d do without you and the girls I draw! I get so many ideas, such as this special Hall of Fame post for Frank!

        1. Well, he is in my Blogging Hall of Fame, now. Maybe he’ll just visit us now and again! I’ll especially miss the music posts. They are so much fun. Frank got a lot of us to communicate with each other in the comments. It’s a wonderful thing!

  7. Hyperion

    What a gracious, kind, and wonderful tribute to a remarkable Blogoteer. I am still amazed that I can be allowed to travel the same golden pathways put down by such remarkable talent. My life has been greatly enriched by the diversity of art and talent shared in this corner of the WP universe. It is delightful to see you. Your elegance radiates in all you share with us and I can imagine your tribute will be a thing for our retiring Frank Angle to remember for all his days.

    1. Hyperion,
      Oh yes, yes, yes – this post is something that I will cherish for a long time. A post I will bookmark as a favorite just to return to whenever I want. Definitely special – just like Resa – so I echo you words about the good lady who hosts us here. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Hyperion

        My pleasure Friend. I wish you the very best in your future and thank you for your long contribution to enlightened minds and artful souls.

          1. Hyperion

            You’ve earned it Frank. I’m currently enjoying life in North Alabama at the foot of the Smokie Mountains. The good life here is a well kept secret. Whoops, I just blabbed it. 😄

            1. Thanks for sharing. We enjoy the other end of your state … Orange Beach. I invite you to my closing 5-part series. First is up now. Second tonight … The Sat morning … Sunday evening … Tues evening.

    2. Dear Dragon pal,
      It was both fun and an honour to make this post for Frank.
      I’ve both had fun and learned a lot from visiting A Frank Angle. I also met some fab bloggers.
      It is interesting that there are corners of the WP universe, and I am glad we are both in the same corner.
      I take your comment as a compliment, and I thank you very much!

      1. Hyperion

        Thank you Resa. It was certainly a beautiful thing you did and I feel people coming together in friendship and happy exchanges. What a wonderful thing that is. I too am happy to have wandered into such an oasis of talent as we find here.

  8. I did not know Frank from my blogging stuff, unfortunately, but all the best to him in his retirement

    And you look fabulous in the psychedelic tights, madam. Wear those daily to impress the Royals now residing in that there Canada.

    1. About the tights; aww, thank you dear Mr. Wapojif!

      Yeah, Frank has been a lot of fun out here. He will be missed.

      HEY! Are you celebrating BREXIT tonight? I’m hoping you can all turn the corner, now, and get on with rebuilding the UK.

      1. Yes, madam, excellence on the tights. Most flattering.

        Brexit? No, I’m in my new flat ignoring it. Based off the last decade it’s going to get worse. On the plus side my new flat is much nicer. And I shall volunteer to make a difference. Jack Monroe – a foodie here, she’s been doing austerity recipes that are a hit. Very cool lady, have a gander.

          1. Indeed, Mz. Monroe is super I’ve been mighty impressed. She’s mainly vegan or veggie, occasional meat stuff. I’m planniing to cook properly now so, yeah, she’s my “muse”. Or is it “mogul”? Moggy? Maggie. No, that’s the Rod Stewart song.

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  10. Wow Resa – you are so gorgeous, inside and out! Love your thirties-picture, and your other picture where you are wearing those stunning tights!! Just beautiful. And what a wonderful tribute to a dear friend of yours, love encountering other creative souls who place such a high value on friendship:) Soultouching – and as always, your drawings are pure delight and creative inspiration! Love it. Abrazotes xoxoxo

    1. Hello . Gypsy!
      Thank you for this very thoughtful comment!
      Yes, I’ll miss Frank, and this post is my way of telling him.
      LOL! Sometimes I wish I could take that pic of me in my 30’s, tape it to my head and be young again, forever.
      Well, there’s always fond memories, like the ones I have visiting Frank on his blog.
      Abrazotes xoxoxo

      1. Well Resa you created a wonderful and unique parting-gift fot Frank, that´s for sure! He is super-lucky to have a friend like you 🙂 I can understand what you mean with the photo! There is so much pressure around this for us women…I swear I checked for signs of aging when I was only 21 once, thats how brainwashed we are…crazy. And all those filters and photoshoped images… who can live up to that?? No real person! To me, energy is what matters, and love – what a person irradiates… but its challenging to get that subonscious programming out of ones head. Muchos abrazos gorgeous artista xoxoxo

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