MAYDAY – by Mike Steeden

Genre: SciFi-Horror-Adventure-Adult-Romance-Fantasy

There is no way to pigeon hole Mike Steeden’s writing, both in style and genre. Then again, my reviews are unorthodox. So, let me get on with it!


Mayday was not born, she was made by a male professor/scientist. Her body is perfection, her blonde hair is to her waist. She is an adult without a childhood. She will never age. Her cerebral prowess is unfathomable, and grows during the course of the story. She can heal the ill, feed the hungry, make people forget or make them remember something different. That’s just the tip of it.

 Her name means “help me”, but no one can; at least not for long, and not in the end.


As knowledge of Mayday spreads throughout the world, there are 2 elemental societies that desire her. One is the religious fanatics that want to torture then crucify, or burn her at the stake. The other is the Nazis, who would use her to their advantage in securing the Master Race.


Rescued from prison, her safe keeping falls into the hands of a wealthy French man, Andrei Voland. It was just pre WWII and Andrei Voland, with a home in Paris and one in Lille, could afford all of the trappings, conveniences and more.

Andrei Voland hires Edith to give Mayday a makeover. Her hair is cut short, dyed black and Marcel waved. Make-up is a wise addition, as Mayday has been au naturel for her entire existence. Although Edith chooses smart fashions of the day, Mayday has her own take on the new her. She is given the name Nadele for public ventures.

Disguises & alter egos are Mayday’s reality.

For her part, Edith’s life is now in danger. Mayday, Edith and Andrei Voland move to his Lille home to hide.

Good friends, Eloise & Thunderman are let into the Mayday secret. Eloise joins them, living in the home in Lille. Thunderman, a large man, becomes security.  They start “Looking Glass Vacations”, as a lucrative cover.


Just for fun, Mayday takes Edith, Eloise and Andrei Voland mentally into a harem, for a taste of that life. Although only gone moments, the 4 experience hours of harem life. Mayday accidentally brings back a black slave. They name her Princess, and she joins the household.

When Andrei Voland and Mayday return from an investigative trip to the Vatican, Thunderman is dead at the Nazi’s hands. Princess has been kidnapped.

After rescuing Princess, Juliette and Esme are hired to help with the agency. Now Andrei Voland has 6 women & his brother Henri, security replacing Thunderman, living with him. As with the harem experience, there is nothing obscene; however the story is quite suggestive of a sexually free bohemian lifestyle. This bohemian lifestyle prevails throughout the story.


Love and romance evolves and flourishes in Lille, France. Mayday, Edith, Eloise, Princess, Juliette, Esme, Henri and Andrei Voland live under the radar of the religious fanatics and Nazis. During this time life is wonderful. Until the Nazis near Paris!

It’s at this point  that Juliette & Esme must flee, as they are not to the Nazi’s liking and will surely end up in a camp. When Mayday must leave to protect herself and others, Andrei Voland’s heart is shattered.


The ending of this tale is different from anything I’ve ever read. To see how this image applies, you’ll have to read the book.

To buy Mayday, or any of Mike Steeden’s books click on the book cover and go to Mike’s Amazon page.

The Author – in his own words – An aging old fool devoid of common sense and incapable of changing a light bulb. A ‘lefty’ at heart; an atheist by nature; I have no desire to be taken seriously!

The Author – in my words – Mike Steeden is a published prolific writer based in the UK. His mind is like the USS Enterprise in the sense that he goes where no man has gone before.

Boogapony – Hip Trip on Route 66

It’s official! Boogapony Holly is on tour! After ponying on down to a slew of Chicago’s street art, she took off in a Paco Rabanne chain link mini dress w/ Go-Go boots.

She bought this art car, to make the trip to Monterey, California. Although 54 years late to the summer of love party, its spirit beckoned.

Celeste bagged the job of driving Boogapoy’s old van. Along with on loading, off loading and setting up, she’s a pretty good back up dancer; a true Poniette.

Don’t miss the magic, as they hit some of the nation’s sweetest street art and attractions along Route 66.

Miles of Route 66 are un-drivable. Interstate detours are necessary. In Missouri, over 300 miles run SW from St. Louis to Joplin. Fab diners & vintage roadside attractions are all waiting for the Boogapony experience & photo op.

St. Louis to Tulsa is the heart of Route 66. It’s where east meets west. Much of this stretch is on I-44. Be There! Boogapony & Celeste will Freestyle in the exact centre, wherever it is.

The Kansas section of Route 66 is short but sweet, 13.2 miles to be exact. There will be 1 Go-Go at mile 6.6.

A classic pony-down will happen at the Blue Whale of Catoosa, a featured point of interest along almost 400 well tended drivable miles of Route 66 running through Oklahoma.

The Lone Star State has about 180 miles of old Route 66 road remaining.  Boogapony and Celeste getting on down to the very best roadside attractions, in the panhandle of Texas, is a Must See!

Albuquerque is a highlight stop. Here she’ll be visiting Tim’s Magic Tree Sanctuary , and doing some serious tree hugging. Watch out for the performance a Go-Go in the old downtown strip right on Route 66!

Celeste will be featured doing the “Frug” in Oatman. This ghost town, located at the edge of Arizona on Route 66, is perched 2,700 feet above sea level.

The Santa Monica Pier marks the end of Route 66, but not the end of the Flower Power Tour. You can check out Boogapony at the Whiskey a Go Go on Sunset Boulevard! Here she fuses the Pony, the Hitch-Hiker, the Shimmy and more.

Monterey is the next dance stop. Here she’ll reprise Resa’s World & COOP famous Egg Dance, in memory of the Flower Children. Where did they all go?

You’ll want to hear Boogapony slam poetry, dancing all the while! Find her at the corner of Haight Ashbury, San Francisco!

It’s the end of the Flower Power Tour, but wait! Boogapony is headed back to New York City to perform in a newly revived version of the musical HAIR”!!! The summer of love, much like the force, is with us.

Boogapony Holly character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since 2018

The Car Artist:


On A Frank Farewell

Much to my consternation, my dear blog pal, A Frank Angle, is retiring from the blog world. Good-byes are difficult, so instead, I have decided to induct him into:

Opening this tribute, direct from Holly’s House Of Heart, is Rene Rosso doing her rendition, of renditions, of a song by:

…one of Frank’s fave bands;

Here is one of the many renditions.

Frank has written some very popular posts over his 11 years. One of his most interesting regular articles was “Opinions In The Shorts” aka OITS.

The first time I ever read an OITS, the opening shot was a bunch of shorts on a clothesline. I figured huh, this guy sits around in shorts, writing opinions. Cool!I was wrong; opinions yes, shorts no.Dale, from A Dalectable Life has been a lovely, loyal co-host on many of Frank’s posts.

For this special occasion, Dale has cut short her Paris Gown fitting at Art Gowns, to model this OITS outfit I designed. We hope you have an opinion about it!

Frank is from Cincinnati, and is a huge baseball fan.

Direct from  Art Towards A Happy Day is Marina Kanavaki. Marina graciously agreed to model this Cincinnati Reds Art Gown. This and all Art Gowns art here today have been specifically created for Frank.

Music has always been a big thing on Frank’s blog. Most recently Frank has been producing music concerts. However, before that he produced many Theatrical Musicals.

That’s me above, in a pair of tights with Marina’s artwork (Paths of Color) on them. I’m off to the theatre, to see one of Frank’s productions. As a matter of fact, the post was titled “Off to the Theatre in Paths of Color”. If you click on the pic you can read the post!

Frank, here’s Rene Rosso with another song for you!

To all reading: Frank’s last 3 posts are scheduled for: January 28, January 30, February 1 & February 2. Click  on the pic below,  to check out the first  of the last.

 Now, here’s Rene Rosso with her special choice of song for you. As always, with RR, the Torchier, the better.

Eye will miss you.

Dear Frank,

Time is such a thief. I just found you several years ago and now after a short time, you will not be around. The photo below (also the header, which I tried to filter into looking like one of your cosmic headers) was taken when I was in my 30’s. I dug it up for this post.

Dale, Marina and Holly were all in cahoots with me. They knew what I was up to, and they all approved their outfits.

-Resa xo

Crazy Free Art to Music II – w/ Engagement Congratulations to Christy Birmingham

 Live music and art supples have never been so much fun.

The drawings have been happening since my last Crazy Free Art to Music post.

Thought I’d posted the one below, but I can’t find it anywhere.

This is  Holly, from House of Heart, musing me. It’s a Free Art to Music piece, an early feel  for a Princess Blue Holly. Looks a bit like Harley Quinn, but I still love it!

Holly, again…LOL…I was working on alter ego ideas. Why I thought of turning Princess Blue Holly into a Rose Fairy, I’m not sure? Still, the pencil & water colour crayon came out lovely.


The band was playing and I was going crazy when I thought of Christy Birmingham being engaged. We’ve done more than several posts together on women’s rights. This happiness came out of me!

All drawings & photos of said drawings © Resa McConaghy – 2019

Toronto, Canada

Crazy Free Art to Music

Once or twice a week, varying professional musicians jam in the space below me. The music pours up through the old wood floors, and fills my apartment.

Holly Lightly

My Art Gown sketches are a bit stiff these days. To loosen up, I decided to draw with the music. No erasing! Just do and go and paint and flow.


These are a few of what I’ve done over the last several weeks. Some of the titles involve special friends!

Georgiann Era

They take 1.5 hours on the average.

Cora Nebulas 

Most are pencil w/ watercolour pencil. Holly Lightly is black sharpies w/watercolour pencils. Cora Nebulas is water colour pencils, only!

Little Richardesque

Dolly Flowers

Amalia Argentina

All images © Resa McConaghy

Toronto, Canada

Ballerina Mustavseena

Madame Madiglipoe

Brussels & Montreal

Vintage 1986! From a Brussels’ subway station.

Photo © Jean Marc Robert
Photo © Jean Marc Robert

Artist Jean Marc from Welcome to my paintings page took this.

Photo © Jean Marc Robert

Does anyone know if it is still there after 30 years? 

Photo © Jean Marc Robert
Photo © Jean Marc Robert

This is contemporary from Montreal & likely the artist from: The Eyes Have It

Photo © Jean Marc Robert
Photo © Jean Marc Robert

 Jean Marc also has a photography blog: Mon/My Photo Blog

Photo © Jean Marc Robert

 Pics taken by Jean Marc Robert – 1986 & 2015


Montreal – 2015

Photo © Jean Marc Robert
Photo © Jean Marc Robert
Photo © Jean Marc Robert
Photo © Jean Marc Robert