Tender Places

Beautiful words with a message. Thank you, Holly! ❤️🌹

Tender Places

The small lake shimmers with light

reeds rustle beneath

the feet of a fawn.

Leaning forward her pink tongue

curls backward

spattering the sweetness of life

into her nose and eyes.

Spotted ears pull sideways,

heeding the sigh of the forest,

the breath of a breeze.

The kiss of sunlight transforms

green to autumn gold, brown and rust.

beyond the edge of the wood

summer collides with fall

in  tender places of the wild.

Do No Harm

Love Sweet Love

Feeling a bit mushy these last weeks. Apparently you can’t reblog twice. Holly did this post on October 29, 2020. Loved it then. Love it now. Her message is more important now than ever. Yes, I did the costumes in the vid.


Resa and Norm

Recently I came across a photograph of our lovely Fashionista, Resa McConaghy, and her beloved Norm.

Norman is a GUITAR PLAYER & COMPOSER. They lived in Miami for almost a year in the 80’s. Norman was working on writing songs and had an arrangement with a recording studio there. They lived in an amazing older home on Miami Beach. It was quite grand with a Florida Room and a maid’s apartment along the side. Per Resa, The original owners must of had a fab life there. They were renting it from an Argentine businessman who had bought it.
When they returned with Norm’s songs it led to a record deal in the 1990’s.

Norman at work!

Love is What is Needed

by Holly Rene Hunter

Here in paradise

the sun goes down on the

crescent shore of an empty beach

she found herself with a guitar man

and A life time of memories

It seemed so clear then and now

love is what is needed

I Can Never Thank Holly Enough For Her Friendship!

Night Music – from – House of Heart

How sweet of Holly – HoH to repost (one of my fave posts) with an amazing Version of “You Keep Me Hanging On” via Vanilla Fudge. Can you believe the quality of the video? It’s from 1967!

Resa and the Rock Star – night music

via: https://houseofheartweb.wordpress.com/2020/02/08/resa-and-the-rock-star-night-music/

❦❦❦ Thank you dear Holly! ❦❦❦

Trees for Resa

Timothy at “Off Center & Not Even” has given me a choice of trees. A tree is Nature’s Art! Remember the poem “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer? Anyway, I picked the second tree. It has an illustrious history! I am so honoured!
Thank you, Timothy!

Off Center & Not Even

010O7165 Snow through the window

After raining for about an hour this afternoon, the rain suddenly changed to giant snowflakes that were coming down thick in the waning light. I ran out and got photos of the falling snow. In the process I got photos of three cottonwood trees I photograph quite often as conditions change. Resa, who has two blogs I follow, Art Gowns and Graffiti Lux Art & More, thinks Mia is lucky to have her own tree. I told Resa she can have a tree if she would like, so I’m putting up four possible candidates. The first three cottonwoods are on our property, and the fourth is by our cattle ramp. The cattle ramp is on our property but the cottonwood is not, and I don’t photograph that whole tree very often. However, it’s a cool looking cottonwood and is situated so it gets good backlighting…

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