More Than Coffee – by Lauren Scott

As a person who enjoys poetry and coffee, the decision to read Lauren’s well written book was a no-brainer. As a matter of fact, I languished over every poem and bit of prose. For 33 mornings, I read one piece with my coffee.

Each day’s reading brought me warm thoughts, stirred feelings and created a desire to be creative. What a great and positive way to start the day.

In this intimate look at her and  her family, nature plays a huge part in stirring memories of irreplaceable experiences, both uplifting and occasionally heartbreaking. All emotions are expressed beautifully in positive light.

I couldn’t resist picking my favourite poem.

This poem is an experience I share with Lauren. She could have been writing about me and my mom. I am deeply moved.

There is no copy and paste from the ebook. I wrote this out, and proofed it many times. It seems the word program likes to correct non-mistakes. In the final proof, much to my amazement I saw the title was in blue. All the titles are in blue. Yet, I believed this title was in red. Lauren, I hope you are okay with me keeping the red!

So, what’s with all the sunflowers? How do they tie in?

The above sunflower was in my last street art post. Lauren left a comment. I responded.

L“I also love the sunflower which reminds me of my daughter.”

R – Sunflower; apologies if I missed this/don’t remember it in a post, or in your book! Why does the sunflower remind you of your daughter?

LAnd no, I don’t think I did a sunflower post, so please don’t worry, Resa. My daughter is 30 and loves sunflowers, but she exudes their sunny disposition, smiles all the time, loves to laugh, and practices optimism more than pessimism. 

She may have been speaking of her daughter, yet I see Lauren in those words. It’s as though I could have just used those words about her book, about herself.


(Abridged from “About the Author” in “More Than Coffee”)

Lauren is a writer of poetry and short memoirs. She resides in northern California with her husband of 32 years, and their lovable canine, Copper; they have two grown children. She has authored two collections of poetry; New Day Dreams (2013) and Finding a Balance (2015).

Lauren is inspired to write from her love of nature. Lauren marvels at how the world is interconnected and every living thing matters. She hopes her readers will find a little nugget of delight, comfort, or understanding in her poetry and stories – some detail that resonates with them beyond her words.

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126 thoughts on “More Than Coffee – by Lauren Scott

  1. Wonderful! Wonderful!!! Thank you for the introduction to Lauren Scott. I found the book on Kindle and am now following Lauren. When you begin a day with poetry, the door opens to amazing possibilities. Poetry prepares our hearts to embrace beauty and reflection.

    1. I agree, Rebecca! Lauren is a positive soul, and her writing reflects that. I’m so happy you are now following her! TIP: Have a cup of coffee when you read it. If you are not a coffee person, have a cup of tea, or cocoa! One warms the body, the other warms the soul. {{{hugs}}}

      1. I don’t know what to say, Resa. You have me speechless (which doesn’t happen often). 🙂 Your words warm my heart and I love what you said about coffee and my book: “One warms the body, the other warms the soul.” Wow! 💗💗💗

    2. Hi Rebecca, thanks for your kind words and it’s nice to meet you! Resa outdid herself. I am in awe of her review. I truly hope you enjoy my book, and I’m glad you’ll enjoy a cup of coffee while you read. I appreciate you following my blog also. It’s great to meet new people, so I will do the same. What you wrote about poetry is so lovely and true, too. Thank you again, Lauren 💕

    1. Thanks, John! I am beyond pleased! I’m in awe of this beautiful and touching review. Another reason to feel grateful – grateful that Resa enjoyed my book and for this amazing review. 🙂

  2. Resa, simply wonderful post and introduction to Laura and her poetry. I love sunflowers and copied your image to save in my photo gallery. Also the wall art sunflower. As a nurse practitioner, I’ve studied Poetry Therapy and Expressive Writing, the interface of the arts and psychology. It’s fascinating to see how people are guided to conceptualize their thoughts and struggles in life.The poem, Red Lipstick, for you, as an example. 📚Christine

  3. For a galaxy reasons I shed more than just a single tear, young Resa. All that is, was and will forever be is, put simply, ‘beautiful’ in its multi formats within Lauren’s wonderful, wonderful poem…I shiver still. All the best to the both of you. My respect, TOF

  4. Thank you for highlighting this beautiful book dear Resa. Congratulations Lauren! Ironically this is the kind of lovely poetry book I like to leave stacked on my coffee table for everyone to enjoy ( I call them Coffee Table Books). Lauren writes such beautiful poetry, this poem is truly lovely. Her cover is
    Perfect and these sunflowers brought a smile to my face. Sending love and hugs xoxoxo to you both.

    1. Dahling Holly,

      Lauren wrote a very personal & inspiring book of poetry.
      It would make a fabulous coffee table book. LOL!!! Although it’s “More than Coffee”, so you might need 2 coffee tables!

      Your comment brings a smile to my face. You are a caring, sharing person. I adore you!
      I’ll have to learn to draw sunflowers now!
      OKAY, grabbing my share of the hugs and kisses! xoxoxoxoxoxo
      Sending some to you!

            1. Hope you are having the best Thanksgiving!
              I’m working on watermarks today, deciding if I need to retake any pics.
              I thought I’d be wrapping up here, with this post today and heading over to work on the Art Gowns post, but it appears Lauren is very popular!
              Anyway….soon! xoxoxo

              1. You are the busiest of bees 🐝 . We’re all waiting on tender hooks ( I don’t really know what tender hooks are but we’re excited) . I hope you get the right lighting and everything for a wrap. Lauren is very popular and sweet too. Have a wonderful day , I’ll be cheering you on. xoxoxo

    2. Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely comment, Holly. For a writer who pens exquisite poetry and whose writing I have loved and admired for years, I am thrilled you loved Red Lipstick and would be even more thrilled to know my book adorned your coffee table. 🙂 I hope you enjoy my memories if you get a chance to read it.
      The cover was taken at Spider Lake in the Sierra mountains on one of our backpacking trips (a story in my book, Lily Pads). I perused through several photos before deciding on that one, so I’m happy to know you like it. And who doesn’t love sunflowers? I love that Resa included our conversation about my daughter in her review. That went straight to my heart.
      Anyway, thanks again, and love and many hugs to you both, as well. 💕💕

  5. Wow, Resa, I am literally emotional and so happy that you loved my book, but to read your touching and intimate review brings tears to my eyes – that my writing could have that affect on you stirs up my emotions in a grateful way. Reading Red Lipstick again, thinking of my mom who passed away nine years ago still brings tears, missing her forever. I’m touched that this poem resonates with you also. I’m not even sure if I’m making sense, so I just want you to know that the way in which you expressed your thoughts is incredible, adding the gorgeous artwork, and then tying in the sunflowers. I’m in awe that our sunflower conversation stood out enough for you to incorporate it into your post. I absolutely love this! Thank you SO much! You made my day! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Your deserve good reviews on this book, Lauren!
      It is amazingly warm and positive, on top of being well written.
      Red Lipstick – it’s as though we were in the same place at the same time, but we weren’t.
      I’m happy I read your book. It made me feel good.
      Comparing your daughter to Sunflowers, is quite moving. You are a great mom.
      I’m thrilled I made your day. Now, you have made mine. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family. Copper included.

      1. Everything you wrote, Resa, is what a writer dreams to “hear.” That my book was warm and positive, not to mention, well written was music to my ears. Then to read that my memories made you feel good, well, what more can I ask for? And yes, my daughter and sunflowers, it’s the truth. As to being a good mom, I definitely try, and now that they’re 26 & 30 and still love to hang out with me (and hubby), that’s a wish come true right there. So, there are no new words to express how I feel. And Copper would give you a big sloppy kiss if he had the chance. 💗🌻💗🌻💗🌻

        1. Yay!!!
          I just adore positive energy. I’m so happy I read your book.
          Oh, I love slobbery kisses! Marina’s dog Hera is a slobbery kisser. The sponge emoji is second in my faves. So, for Copper – xxx 🧽🧽 xxx

    1. Red Lipstick is my fave in the book. I do believe there is a fave for everyone in this book. One would have to be an ogre to not be moved by Lauren’s genuine sentiment. ❦
      Welcome Janet! Lauren’s is a positive blog to follow!

    1. Thank you, darling!
      I am moved by this book of poetry and prose. I had to share!
      It’s wonderful to see how many bloggers are full of heart!

  6. What a beautiful post on Lauren’s book (reading it already.) I’ve been a huge fan of her books from… way back!). Love your choice as well as the sunflowers.
    Love and hugs to both ladies.

    1. Dahling Marina,

      Lauren wrote an intimate special book. I’m glad I read it, especially that I read 1 poem or prose a day, with my morning coffee. That was a neat cohesion.
      Love and hugs to you!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    2. Thanks again, Marina! I’m so happy to hear you’re reading my book, and I hope you’re enjoying some coffee or a favorite drink with it. 🙂 Much love to you and Resa! ❤️🌻❤️🌻❤️🌻

    1. Thank you, Merril!
      It’s easy to share something so positive!
      Lol. My eyes/brain see things how I want to see them, sometimes. It was a couple of days and many proofs before I realized the title was in blue.
      Still, I figured the red was okay for this post!
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Reblogged this on Baydreamer and commented:
    Resa at Graffiti Lux Art & More surprised me with this elegant and gracious review of my book, More than Coffee. I am so happy she enjoyed my book to a level that would spark such a beautiful reaction. Another reason for me to be grateful!
    For those of you who don’t know Resa, she is a photographer who features stunning Street Art of other cities around the globe through travels and guest contributors. Taking these photos is a passion of hers that brings immense joy. Each work of graffiti art or mural evokes thoughts in her, and these thoughts are reflected in the titles of her blog posts. I encourage you to pay her a visit! Thanks again, Resa! xo

  8. I think that’s the most beautiful book review I’ve ever read, Resa. How delightful and touching. And a gorgeous poem (definitely red). I think many grown up little girls can relate. Many congrats to Lauren. I loved her book.

    1. Hi Diana,

      Resa’s elegant review gave me another reason to feel grateful, not only during this week, but all year long. The way in which my stories and poems resonated with her, how she savored reading the book while enjoying that coffee, and especially how Red Lipstick touched her. Thank you for your kind words, support, and lovely review, too. I am thrilled beyond anymore words! 💞

    2. Thank you Diana!
      Lauren wrote a wonderful book.
      BTW I just bought The Sorcerer’s Garden. It’s in my ereader.
      Okay, it might take me some time to get around to and then actually reading it, but it’s next in line.
      – Resa – Slowest Reader on WP!

  9. Jane Sturgeon

    What a beautiful book review, Resa. I am loving Lauren’s book too. Resa, you are right about Lauren, as she is like a sunflower. Shining warmth to us all. ❤ xXx

    1. Jane, your words warm my heart and I’m so happy you’re enjoying my book. I absolutely love Resa’s elegant review. And thank you for the sunflower compliment. 🙂
      You are both sunflowers, too! Big hugs to you both! ❤️🌻❤️🌻

    1. Thank you, Roberta!
      I don’t write a lot, so I like to make an impact with as few words as possible when I do.
      I’ll probably start my next book over the holidays.
      I’m one of the slowest readers on WP!

  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Lauren’s books. What a wonderful review! It’s so special when you connect with another author’s thoughts – I also felt that when I read her poem.

  11. Coffee and Poetry, that’s a nice mix. We shuld all make times for the calming effects of poetry, this looks like a good book to start that too early New Year’s resolution.

  12. What a lovely post Resa, you made me smile. I have followed Lauren’s blog for a long time and love her poetry and her obvious love of family and strength of her bonds. I’m sure she is thrilled by this blog.

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