From New Delhi with Love

 Sidran works with children in New Delhi, India, and has sent us some Street Art for Kids’ Month.
Photo © Sidran

She sends “Best wishes for the kids month initiative.” She said I was special, but I have to change that to – we, everyone here during Kids’ Month are special.

Photo © Sidran
Photo © Sidran

Sidran says: “I am attaching some pics taken from Lodhi Art District, New Delhi. It is supposed to be India’s first public art  district.”

Photo © Sidran
Photo © Sidran
She also says, about the art: “I like them for their simplicity and colors.”
Well, I do, too! The naive quality is great for kids, & I am thrilled children (& adults) in New Delhi are enjoying the beauty.
Photo © Sidran
Photo © Sidran

I just adore that doggie in the pic above! I send big happy wishes, and many a Thank You to Sidran

Photos taken by Sidran – 2017
New Dehli – India
Sidran’s blog – DRAGON TALES  is an excellent cultural adventure, and definitely worth a visit.
Kids’ Month 2017
Yay!!! I mailed my book off to “PBPIO” in Iowa yesterday.


Michele Eastman holds a “Picture Book Pass It On” drive every year. Click on the logo to go to her blog’s article explaining the charity, and where you can find the address to mail your picture book donation. OR:  Click on her name and go to her FaceBook page, where she is also working on the campaign.

16 thoughts on “From New Delhi with Love

    1. Sidran,
      Art and children work amazing together.
      So now, I will put one of these pictures on my sidebar and link it to your blog. I do this for all guest contributors. Thank you so much! ❤

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