Panda Moon

I just got a big case of the shivers reading “Panda Moon” by Brenda. This is my 4th read, and it just gets better. Brenda, you are a dear fairy person, and I thank you so much for all your support here during Kids’ Month! ❤

Friendly Fairy Tales

Shalak Attack's Toronto Panda Shalak Attack (Artist) Toronto, Canada, Resa McConaghy (Photographer)

Panda dreams in movement, lapping ocean waves,
cartwheeling stars and clouds blooming roses.

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23 thoughts on “Panda Moon

  1. Oh it’s great! For some reason when you sent me that email I thought you had meant it was the month of February for the project.. I was like oh no I only have 3 days to submit a poem to you! Now I understand it’s a MARCH even d’oh!! Sorry I misunderstood wahhhhh

      1. I know right.. d’uh Christy haha 😉 Oh yes, do you mean the photo post that I took before? A poem on that? Maybe email me one or two lines to explain ((please)) xx

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