What a Whoot!

Owls are amazing creatures that go to work under the colors of night.

Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Fred Thomas
Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Fred Thomas

I found this painted owl on the side of a tiny building in Winnipeg.

Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Fred Thomas

Cindy Knoke found a real life owl at “The Living Coast Discovery Center in The San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It’s amazingly gorgeous, and if you click on Cindy’s photo of the owl, you will get to see an entire post filled with this beauty!

Photo © Cindy Knoke
Photo © Cindy Knoke

My painted owl is very pretty, and lovely to look at. However, when I look at Cindy’s owl, I want to hold it and kiss it and hug it and love it.

Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Fred Thomas
Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Fred Thomas


Artist: Cash Akoza
Artist: Fred Thomas

0acd8acf1e33598ca9971304aaca47e4A big “thank you” to Cindy Knoke, a fave blogger of mine. She takes fabulous photographs, and shares them with us. Her blog is visually gorgeous and educational. She has joined with me to help make this wonderful Owl Art post into more than just another pretty face. It now has a beautiful soul.

Click on her pic, or name to visit her blog. Click on her owl photo or following link to go to her “Owled Again” post. https://cindyknoke.com/2017/01/14/owled-twice/

Painted Owl pics taken by Resa – October, 2016

Winnipeg, Canada

Real Owl pic taken by & © Cindy Knoke

Kids’ Month 2017



Michele Eastman holds a “Picture Book Pass It On” drive every year. Click on the logo to go to her blog’s article explaining the charity, and where you can find the address to mail your picture book donation. OR:  Click on her name and go to her FaceBook page, where she is also working on the campaign.


29 thoughts on “What a Whoot!

  1. That owl mural is stunning! The artist caught the power and majesty of these amazing animals perfectly. I love the way the owl dwarfs the building. Brilliant! You know the owls love you back Resa, because birds know when you care about them! I love you to my friend. Be well and thank you for your kindness & thoughtfulness~

    1. Yay! The owls love me. They love you, too! 😀
      I think it’s important to be loved by animals. It fills up the potholes in our life’s road. I’m so glad we joined together for this post. Much love & many hugs to you.xo

  2. Cindy’s photographs are always stunning. This post is beautiful, Resa. Just wonderful and I always think of owls as the guardians of children. I’m not sure why but I believe they watch over lost children during the night…children who are lost in their hearts, dreams and homes. Beautiful.

    1. I really like your thoughts, Gigi! Lost children need something, someone too= guide them, especially in the night. Why not a wise old owl? I think, especially children who are marginalized… or worse, need a friend, a spirit….. a dream. Beautiful!

  3. Two wonderful storytellers in one post ~ Resa and Cindy.
    Beautiful post Resa; love the mural, and Cindy’s post of Owls is so heartwarming. I agree; Cindy is a photographer extraordinaire! ❤

  4. sportsattitudes

    Always been fascinated by owls. One lived nearby us for several years. Neat to watch even when they aren’t doing much of anything. Pictures and mural are wonderful…as is the title. Whoot!

  5. Beautiful photo Cindy!

    They’ve added more murals in that area. Transcona BIZ is really getting into outdoor art. Perhaps the whole courtyard will be done….awesome!

    1. Cindy’s owl is sooo adorable!

      Guess I’ll have to return to Winnipeg to shoot the new art!
      Will there be any real animals, or am I destined to shoot painted ones? Well, we all have a calling. What a hoot! 😀

  6. Owls have a smart look, seem to have everything under control …
    I like this collaboration with cindy, her blog is also one of my favorites, the photographs are always extraordinary … like this owl that watches us with so much attention.

    1. You are right! Owls look smart.
      I am loving to collaborate… more and more! It is especially important during Kids’ Month, where the more bloggers I reach, the more children might be helped both personally, or through a charity.
      Much love to you, (waiting for my special book!) xoxoxo

    1. I think owls are magic.
      I wonder what they mean in dreams? I’m sure it’s important.
      I love your new poem, and as always I need to think on it. I’ll be back to your blog, with my scents too worth. 😀
      I know you know my meaning. xx

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