On a Kid’s Daydream

An ice-cream dream to you, Frank! What a wonderful post for Kids’ Month. It’s synchronicity. I decide to have a Kids’ Month, and you find an Ice Cream Dream mural. Thank you times the stars!

A Frank Angle

Every kid dreams of a party like this …

. .. with ice cream


… and cake


… and cookies


… friends and happiness

… and our imaginary friends too

All for this young lady


… It’s a good day for her.


Ice Cream Daydream is a vibrant mural created by ArtWorks at 33 East 12th Street in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine district. This mural is full of imagination, fun and joy.

ArtWorks is a unique non-profit organization that employs and trains local youth to create art in the community. To date, ArtWorks is responsible for over 100 murals throughout Cincinnati – which many are in the main part of the city.

This post is for Resa, Toronto’s lady of style who also captures street art in Toronto and Winnipeg as a hobby. Resa recently declared March as Kid’s Month on her blog – so this is the first of my two posts for…

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11 thoughts on “On a Kid’s Daydream

    1. I am so happy you are participating! TY, so very much, Frank! The murals is fabulous. 😀 ⭐
      I do encourage people to stop by “your corner of the world”. It’s a fab corner! 😀

    1. Ice cream is lots of fun, but I save my calories for cup cakes! That fits in with the cake part of this very pretty mural. Of course, if I have a cup cake, that’s all I get to eat. If I have an entire cake, I will attempt to eat as much of it as possible! 😀 lol!

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