The Philippines

This is a colorful & educational mural about the Philippines!

Artist: Sara Wilde
Artist: Sara Wilde

The traditional costume is very beautiful.


The happiness is beautiful.

Artist: Sara Wild

Click on the pic below and see the entire mural.

Artist: Sara Wilde
Artist: Sara Wilde

This mural even has a map,

Artist: Sara Wilde
Artist: Sara Wilde

..and a doll, which could possibly be King Philip of Spain. If anyone knows for sure, I would love to be educated!

Artist: Sara Wilde

Pics taken by Resa – October 30, 2016

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Artist: Sara Wilde
Artist: Sara Wilde


Kids’ Month 2017

29 thoughts on “The Philippines

  1. I have a few Pilipino friends, Resa, at our dance socials. I am always in awe of their beautiful complexions and youthful expressions; also their colourful dress! Not wanting to stereotype; but, there is something joyful about those I know personally!

  2. This is a really special mural Resa – the details showing this beautiful tribute to the country and wonderful people of the region. The colors are fantastic and symbolism throughout! Cool find ~

    1. At first I was a bit …. shaken … by the intense colors, but they’ve grown on me. I believe the strong colors are an expression of their culture. It is a wonderful find! Have a lovely weekend, Mary!

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