Going My Jay?

These have got to be Blue Jays.

I found this in a skinny lane, across Harbord Street from where I found the garages.

I did my best to capture this 3 story mural.

However, due to the narrowness of the lane, and that a fab full shot could have been taken if I had stood in the middle of constant traffic, I went with this.

This is the second mural I have found with painted cut-outs on top of a painted background.

My heart beat faster than a bird’s wings when I found it.

Pics taken by Resa – May 28, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:


31 thoughts on “Going My Jay?

    1. It is a very inspirational piece, ❤ The thing about street art is it's often where cars park, where there's lots of traffic, or my fave, painted behind trees,so it must be capture in the fall or winter.
      Guess I like the challenge! xx

      1. Resa, I’ll bet that you have set up a map on your wall with thumbtacks showing next winter photo sessions 🙂
        Wish you a wonderful new week!!! ❤

    1. For sure this is a keyhole big enough for us to fit through. I’ve often thought murals could make neat short stories…. like Twilight Zone …. sort of.

  1. I like the collection of these Jays, but the key-hole effect is what catches my eye.

    PS: This reminds me that I’ve got images of more Cincinnati murals. Will keep you posted. BTW – Art Works recently announced 15 more murals to be developed this summer.

    1. The keyhole is like in invitation to another world.
      Looking forward to seeing more of your mural collection, and some of the new ones! Oh and how is the baby Hippo?

  2. It’s like the birds are flying through a keyhole and straight into my heart ♥ ♥ I’m glad you didn’t stand out in traffic to get a longer shot of the 3-story mural, by the way!!

    1. It’s quite an impacting mural.
      So is the traffic, which is why I behave! xo Have a wonderful weekend!
      I’m very excited! Winnipeg awards Mural Of The Year every year end of June. I’m thinking the Nellie mural has got to win 2016!

        1. Yahoo! I want pics!
          I’ll do a guest spot, and put one of your shots on my side bar w/ a link to your blog.
          I want to feature as much international street art as possible.
          You could shoot many more pics than you might ever post. Keep me in mind for extras!

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