Cat & Mouse

I had to flee a bunch of vans and a couple of trucks, while taking pics of a mural.

Artists: Sewp & Jonny Cakes

I was forced around the corner onto a wee side street, and found this bit of joy.

Artists: Sewp & Jonny Cakes
Artists: Sewp & Jonny Cakes
Artists: Sewp & Jonny Cakes
Artists: Sewp & Jonny Cakes
Artists: Sewp & Jonny Cakes

Pics taken by Resa- June 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

Artists: Sewp & Jonny Cakes



24 thoughts on “Cat & Mouse

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    1. Well, i surely love your imagination! Taking a cue from you, I do see a butterfly on the cat’s back. Is that where you see it? Can you give me a tip as to where the dog is? I’d love to clue into that!

      1. I see the dog on the right side of the face of the cat and butterfly on the left.Look closely at the ears, that’s what made me see/imagine. Let me know.

        1. I keep thinking I see the dog… but not completely! Obviously this is driving me nuts, or I wouldn’t keep coming back to look. LOL 😀 I’m going to ask a friend of mine tonight if he sees it!

    1. I get a lot of walk time in, so I think this is a healthy hobby. As well, there are feelings of joy when I find the art, which is another path to health. 😀 x

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