How They Met

Why does that fish have a peacock feather tail?” She asked as he sprayed more paint onto the wall.

“It’s a peacock fish,” he answered, his voice muffled by the filter mask that covered most of his face.

“But there’s no such thing,” she asserted.

“There is in my world.” His muffled voice was matter of fact. “In my world, there are peacock fish, and both the females and males have peacock tails.”

“But in real life, only the boys have fancy tails.” She wasn’t ready to leave her reality behind, as she stared at the unfinished female peacock fish.

“Your choice!” he replied.

She witnessed an ardent passion as he sprayed. She was compelled to look closer, then deeper into the mural. Suddenly she was a beautiful peacock fish, elegantly alluring the male who had attracted her attention. 

His voice broke her fantasy. “I’m done for the day.”

As the last word landed, she was back on the pavement, looking up at the painting. 

“Seems like I could just live in there, forever. Huh, well, my name’s Janie. You must be hungry. Do you want to grab a bite? I know a great place in this hood.”

“My name’s Cyan, and yes… maybe… but I’m covered in paint, and I really need to clean up first. He removed his mask. Where can I meet you in say, one hour.”

“Starboard Fish and Chips,” she laughed. “Oh, but I only eat chips, no fish, and they have a special deep fryer for the chips. No fish gets fried in it. 

Janie waited until almost closing time for Cyan, but he was a no show.  She was haunted by the experience all the next day. The day after that, she returned to the mural. Cyan wasn’t there. However, she was.

Janie was larger than life, looking more radiant than she had ever thought herself to be. Cyan had painted her into his mural, her long black hair an electric peacock’s tail. She was ephemeral, and a part of him forever.

BIG THANK YOU to GI, for inviting me to take a stab at her “How They Met”series.

Pics taken by Resa – Late 2013

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

The Artists:  Sébastien Morissette & Patrick Moss

59 thoughts on “How They Met

    1. Thanks Holly! It’s a wonderful mural, and it was a bit scary putting my words out there. You are an amazing writer, so this is a fab compliment on my writing! xx

  1. Great story dear Resa ! I am sure that the top picture is of a carrot, a sad carrot, a store reject destined for fame in your blog my friend. Big hug from our family in Graz. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. Yes, by jove I think you’ve pinned the carrot! ❤ Destined for fame on my blog. I really like that dear Ralph! Love to all in Graz!!! xoxoxo ❤

    1. Aww, thank you! It takes me a long time to write stories, but it is a very enjoyable process. Of course it is scary to share them out her in cyber world, but with more people lie you saying you like them, I will write more. You are very sweet! xxxx

      1. You are right, it is very brave to put your work out there. Keep doing it and play mercilessly to that subjective audience, because while it won’t always resonate with some, it will for sure hit the sweet spot for others. XxX

        1. You are very sweet, and I will take your advice.
          OMG! I just drew a comic book style female super hero, an original from me inspired by Holly House of Heart.
          Her name is Princess Blue Holly, and she’s a bad ass with a sweet steak!!
          The first drawing came out better than I had hoped! xxxxxx

      1. Hahah… We may well laugh, but, who knows what the future may bring?
        Do any of the artists know about your wonderful creations? You just never know where a ‘word’ dropped here and there can achieve…
        Nothing ventured, nothing gained! 🤔😊🙃

        1. A few do know…. barely. However, I am having a Monarch painted on my home, and the artists, who know, heard of it twice now. I have an extra gown from the movies hanging around. I’m hoping to get it sprayed while they are here painting my home.
          Then they will be re-informed. If they were female artists, it could be a bit different!
          Trying!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Hello Resa,

    I just read your comment on TheVintageToyAdvertiser’s blog (Shrunken Head Kit toy) and realised that WP hadn’t registered me as following you. As a result I haven’t been getting notifications! Sorry!
    But as TVTA mentions, you have a great style of writing and I loved the twist in the (fish) tale at the end!

    1. NO WORRIES!
      😀 WP doesn’t always work perfect.
      I’ve come to understand & accept!
      Thank you for you compliment on my writing! 😀

      1. Hello again, thanks for understanding! I can’t complain about WP’s functions but I just found out another important comment had been swept up as Spam and I only discovered somebody tried to contact me when I checked my external email!
        And your writing is very good, it reminded me of the stories written by Roald Dahl that had a twist in the tail (they were adapted into a TV series here in the UK named “Tales of the Unexpected”)
        Anyhoo I have ReFollowed your blog and I have set a bookmark so I can navigate back more often, thanks again.

    1. Well,… ducks, fish, lips and kisses all seem in order.
      I’m a bit goofy today. The sun came out, which is novel in Toronto these days.
      Glad you liked my writing. I was very nervous to post it. 😀

  3. Carolee Croft

    Hi Resa, Sorry about not visiting your blog lately! I was trying to catch up on writing, and I haven’t even touched my blog. Glad I came back in time for your wonderfully creative story. xoxoxo

    1. No worries, dear Carolee. I am a haphazard blogger, at best. I always figure writers are writing, and Art Gowners are gowning. My new one is about 65%, so I feel like doing that at lot. Can’t blog and sew at the sam time.
      Yes, it’s fab that you touched for my story. Thank you for your lovely words!
      So how’s the new book coming along? xoxoxo

      1. Carolee Croft

        It’s going really well, thanks! I had my doubts about the whole greyhound series, but I’m back into it now. Have fun gowning 😉 xoxoxo

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