It’s almost time for the Valentines Day Party at the Coop

Holly, Beth and Resa have arrived at the Coop early to prepare for the Valentines Party!

“Holly has kindly brought her famous corn bread, along with new and exciting surprises. The Chicklets can’t wait to start nibbling. The kitchen crew is so delighted to have her for an entire week. They can’t wait to see what she will make for them.

Midge has been assigned as Holly’s aide. She’s her go-for, and will get Holly anything she needs or wants. Everyone put their name in a hat and the winner was chosen that way, since everyone wanted to work with her.”

“Beth has arrived at The Coop, and while she’s not reading until the party, the Chicklets are starting to follow her around. I have a feeling they will get her to read a story or two, before the big day.

“Resa arrived at The Coop early, so she could set things up. The Chicklets are delighted to have her with them for so long. The Sewing Club is especially thrilled,, since she shows them how to make things, whenever she visits.”

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All drawings © Georgiann Carlson

Princess Blue Holly

After I did the comic book post, I was inspired to create Super Hero – Princess Blue Holly

For my first try I used the water colour crayons that Gigi turned me onto. It really has a nice comic book look.

Holly, Gigi, and I especially liked Poison Ivy & Cat Woman. I made the comment that Poison Ivy looked like  Holly, what with the red hair and all. One thing led to another.

Princess Blue Holly is based on the plant by that name (and Holly from House of Heart). Her super powers come from reading up about the plant. Above is my first rough up.

Of course she needs an alter ego, so I created Rene Rosso, torch singer. She wears gowns to perform in.

I painted it to look like silver lame. I used pencil, silver acrylic, water colour pen and an extra fine marker for lips and lashes.

I also did a gown using the water colour crayons. It seems more congruous with the opening image of Princess Blue Holly.

Princess Blue Holly & drawings © Resa McConaghy

There’s so much more to know: how she got her super powers, how she transforms, how she finds villains, how she deals with them, her super healing powers for good guys, etc. I’m working on all that, and one day Princess Blue Holly will be back with new sketches.