Benji & Ms. Zulu Host “A Vegetable Garden”

“Hi this is Benji and Ms. Zulu. We were asked by Resa to host the vegetable garden mural for Kid’s Month.”

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

“This is quite an honor and we are happy to assist. Of course we are hoping to get a tasty snack for our modeling work.”

Photo © Anarette Estafane

“As you can see, I used to be very small.”

“Humans are omnivores and need to eat lots of veggies and fruit.”

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

“Dogs are canines and we love veggies and fruit, just be sure not to feed us the wrong kinds, see  Vegetables & Fruits Dogs Can & Can’t Eat”

Photo © Anarette Estafane

“After eating lots of healthy dog food, I got as strong as a lion.”

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

“Ms. Zulu is already 11.5 years old and has helped put in many vegetable gardens.”

Photo © Anarette Estafane

She taught me that you need to dig a whole lot if you want to plant vegetables and fruit trees in your garden.”

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

“I like to help her with it. It’s hard work but we don’t mind because the fruit of this kind of labor is sweet.”

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao
Photo © Anarette Estafane

“I love to sniff the plants and trees in the garden; they all have a different scent. I often see bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds on the flowers.”

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

“I recently learned that these are important pollinators. Without them we would not be able to grow most fruit and vegetables.”

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

“Pesticides kill pollinators and are bad for us too; that’s why we don’t use pesticides in our backyard. Better be safe than sorry.”

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

“Here we are in front of a banana tree, showing the fruit as well as carrots. There are lots of vitamins in the bananas and carrots. The good news is that these are so tasty that we enjoy eating healthy in between meals.”

Photo © Anarette Estafane

“So let’s dig and plant some fruits and veggies!”

❤ ⭐ ❤

 ⭐ THANK YOU Benji & Ms. Zulu

The garden is so happy that you came to host, that the Onion, Potato and Robin have formed a band and are writing a song for you.

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

The onion is the percussionist, and the potato plays guitar.

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

Of course the Robin is the singer!

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

♬ ♫ The robin is singing ♬ ♫  that if you click on any pic of  ♬ ♫ Benji or Ms. Zulu ♬ ♫, you will be transported to Benji’s blog. ♬ ♫

Street Art Pics taken by Resa – March 1, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Pics of Benji and Ms. Zulu are all © Anarett Estafane. All bold, black writing in “quotations” is written by Benji & Ms. Zulu and are © Anarette Estafane

The artist:

“Of course, the garden needs water, just like you and me.”

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

“Ms. Zulu and I love to help with this task and always want first dibs. The water from the hose is sooo refreshing, it’s hard to resist.”

Photo © Anarette Estafane

I want to remind everyone to check up on vegetables that dogs can and can’t eat. Just click on the pick below to read all about it.

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

ALSO, visit Benji & Ms. Zulu’s mom’s (Anarette’s) blog just click on the pic of the bee and butterflies below!

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao
Artist: Caitlin Taguibao


52 thoughts on “Benji & Ms. Zulu Host “A Vegetable Garden”

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    1. ⭐ Go team ZAB! ❤
      We all worked hard, and have a very lovely Kids' Month post! I hope Benji and Ms. Zulu got some nice treats for their efforts. I will get some treats tonight. Will Anarette, get treats?

    1. Wow! i sure missed a lot of comments! I had to change the blog theme here on GLaM, and on Art Gowns, as the themes I was using were retired. This has caused me to use much time to reconfigure certain things… like widgets. Then my niece came for a visit. She’s 21 years old. She’s not a model, but modeled Artemis by Moonlight. I can hardly wait for you t see it! Then I went to a Street Art event for 4 days. xoxo (I’m a bit tired!)

      1. The new layout stands out!!!!… Good change, looks great dear Resa. Oh… so a Street Art Event which lasted 4 days. Wow, it should have been amazing… I am guessing that you will post something about that experience. Excellent to learn about your nice, modelling Artemis… I am looking forward to the pics, my friend. Have a great weekend! xx 😀

        1. OMG!!! The artists were all in the alley behind where I live. I met about 10 of TO’s known Graf Artists. On day 3, I took a gown out there, and one of them painted it for me. I’m so thrilled. It will take some time to organize. I think I will post around mid May. xxx

          1. Wow…. I wish I could have joined you… “This is my idea of fun”, as Lana del Rey would say (although in her case was staying in with his boy, playing videogames! :D… But I love the expression, as I like not conventional things for the weekend, etc… Hugs my lovely! 😀 I´ll stay tuned! ⭐

    1. It is very cute artwork. It is in a high density, older high-rise apartment area, that has seen better days, It really helps brighten the area up for the young kids. 😀 ❤

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  3. What a wonderful post !!
    It is also true that you have two extraordinary collaborators, they are two excellent gardeners, very precise with the holes …
    I love it, it’s a very fun post and contains interesting information.
    Congratulations Resa!!!

    1. Thank you, Belén!
      Benji & Ms. Zulu are fabulous, and yes, they dig very good holes. I am very happy that they will be at the wedding of Drake & Sol!
      I am now cutting and sewing Sol’s wedding dress. Sol & I are working on the decorations for the event. Drake is picking out the cake.
      Sol & I are looking for some bells. Drake is taste testing the various cakes available.

      1. I see that Drake is doing all the hard work, he must remember that to choose the cake is not necessary to eat half, with a slice is enough.
        Here the girls are crazy talking about the wedding dress, the fabrics are so, so pretty … they send you hugs, Mar says you’re a wonderful designer !!

      2. Thanks Belén! Resa, Benji and Ms. Zulu are looking forward to the cake. They haven’t gotten a piece of doggie cake since Benji’s first birthday last year November! They even offered to help Drake with the taste testing.

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