On Displaying Elegance

A Frank Angle posted his pics of this fabulous Rosemary Clooney mural that lives in Cincinnati. Check it out! Thanks Frank!

25 thoughts on “On Displaying Elegance

    1. aFrankAngle

      Resa finds so many in Toronto, but she also has some of us who share the murals from our own areas. As for me, Resa is my source of inspiration to display the fabulous murals in Cincinnati. Glad you liked this one.

  1. I can remember when I put two and two together and came up with George and Rosemary being related. I had heard George singing and it then became obvious that he should have a good chance of having a good voice. And he has!
    She was such a sweetheart; I think I’ve seen most of her movies. This mural is fabulous of a truly lovely woman. 🙂

    1. aFrankAngle

      Unquestionable talent in the family. Nick (Rosemary’s brother & George’s father) also has a good voice, but he used it in television news. Glad you enjoyed this.

      1. It is so well done, Resa. Yes, I too love the Op Art Style; it reminded me somewhat of Andy Warhol.
        I watched the video of her on Frank’s site. What a lovely young woman she was; and so elegant in that gorgeous gown. Mermaid inspired certainly suits her figure!

    1. aFrankAngle

      As a White Christmas fan, this mural is from a White Christmas scene. I invite you over to my blog because I close the post with the song she sings as she wears this dress.

  2. Ohhhh a fabulous tribute to Rosemary! I remember watching White Christmas on VHS every Xmas as a child and my parents were amused that I hadn’t chosen more of the kiddie holiday movies 😉 Great share from Frank’s blog!

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