Cabbage & Cabbage Roses


Seemingly a community sponsored mural, this new beauty is found in the parking lot of the LCBO

I love that they paint this beautiful mural, then put up the LCBO sign and parking signs.

I wish they’d paint the wall in the parking lot of the LCBO in my hood! It’s about 3 times as long. It gets the worst throw-ups & tags every night.

Then, they uselessly whitewash over said tags every morning. The wall looks just as bad with all the blotchy white wash bits, as it does with the tags.

Pics taken by Resa – June 26, 2017

Cabbagetown, Toronto, Canada

Artist: Unknown at his time

40 thoughts on “Cabbage & Cabbage Roses

    1. Hey Jet!
      It’s a wonderful mural that brightens up Cabbagetown, which is a very old part of the city. I checked Amazon tracking, and the book is on its way! It could take up to 10 more days. I can hardly wait!

    1. Glad you like this! 😀 The reason they look like roses is because there are actually roses called Cabbage Roses.
      We are used to Tea Roses. These are the normally sought and bought roses. Cabbage Roses have many more petals than a Tea Rose…. like the leaves of a cabbage.
      They are more expensive, only because they are much less widely grown, & last fewer days than a Tea Rose.
      Many chintz prints feature Cabbage Roses.
      ❤ Roses of Love to you, Aquileana! ❤

    1. Purple cabbage acres… how wonderful! 😀 I’m sure when you saw acres of purple cabbage, they seemed not special. Right now, I would love to see a single purple cabbage. I am not sure I have ever seen one. 😀
      No rush on email! Many months lie ahead of our project!!

  1. Look at those lovely designs, Resa! Are they cabbages or are they roses? Is LCBO a grocery store? I don’t think we have this store here on the island. I hear you about tags going up and none of them make sense to me.. I suppose it’s a secret language of sorts.

    1. ⭐ Tags are a blight on the urban landscape, and vandalism.
      However, Banksy did defy this, but he is an artist with a message for our contemporary selves. Yet, much of his outdoor art is vandalism. ⭐
      Street Art has the permission from property owners (90(ish) out of 100 times). Murals, as they take a lot of time to produce, are sanctioned by a property owner or the city.
      Then there is writing, much of it originally vandalism, but I like it. It has become popular, and often is an art choice for property owners.
      Whew! The history of Street Art is truly a book! 😀
      Now, the roses are roses. They are Cabbage Roses, a type of rose. Cabbage Roses are not as popular as the Tea Rose. Tea Roses are the ones we find in a bouquet, normally.
      LCBO is Liquor Control Board of Ontario. It’s the booze store!
      Love your comment with all of its questions.
      You surely are a knowledge hound, dear Christy.
      Much love out to you!! ❤ xoxo

    1. OMG! I love produce. I have become quite a mini gourmet cook. My freezer and fridge are full of this season’s harvest ready to be made into fabulous diners(that go with lovely red wines).
      Looking forward to your next post, Frank! xo

      1. Well .. it won’t be my next post, but I’ll give you the heads up when I know for sure when it’s going to be published. Cheers to the good dinners with red wine. I’m on my way! 🙂

  2. Carolee Croft

    That’s a beautiful cabbage and roses! I hope your neighborhood gets a makeover too… maybe someone from the local area will come across your blog and get inspired.

    1. Dear Carolee,
      That would be wonderful. Certainly the parking lot at my local LCBO needs to find a new direction!
      I keep hoping, and I will present that to our local (not hip and very annoying city counselor) that art overcomes ignorance.

    1. You make me smile, big time. I adore cabbage, but I suddenly envisioned a bouquet of cabbages. 😀
      It is really wonderful to see this painting in real life! 😀

  3. How beautiful the cabbage and cabbage roses (ornamental cabbage flower) and what great artistry to decorate a truly fabulous space. The LCBO are to be congratulated for their entrepreneurship; I’d love to see this wall whenever I parked… 🙂
    You are a marvel, Resa; you find the most fascinating murals. Lots of Love to You… ❤

    1. Love to you, too, Carolyn! I’m lucky to live in a city whose citizens embrace street art. Also, it gives purpose to my lengthy walks, other than shopping. 😀 Yes, the ornamental cabbage are very beautiful & quite popular here.
      I’m reminded now, that the ornamental Kale flowers are edible. As a veggie I have added edible flowers to my diet, for some extra variation.
      There are also cabbage roses, as opposed to the more sought after tea roses. I thought these were cabbage roses because of the rose bush type of leaves.
      Well, it’s art, so who knows what the artist was up to! 😀 xoxoxo

  4. Nemee

    These are so beautiful and such a wonderful addition to the community. Street art is such a great way for local artists to gain prominence as well, I love things like this.

    1. They will whitewash anything anyone does, even if it’s gorgeous. I will be contacting the START program shortly. They supply the paint for free. I understand the reason that no artists have been commissioned, is that a separate entity owns the building in question. Permission to paint a wall is required from the owner. When the owner is a group of people, or companies owning the building, it is more difficult.
      Perhaps that process is underway? I’m not sure how to find out, but perhaps the START program knows something.

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