# Women Paint TO


Artist: Bareket

In this post I will highlight the last 5 smaller pieces, and the alley itself in segments. “Strong Smart United” begins the east end of the alley at Lansdowne.

The paintings then turn a corner, into a parking area with fire escape and a one car garage. All of the 18 works of art, except 1 piece, are on walls on the south side of the alley.

I used my Pano setting to get amap of the atmosphere into 1 shot. This pic should show 6 pieces, but the garage door is open, and there is a piece on that. All of the Pano shots blow up nicely if you click on them.

Centered Artists: Jieun June Kim & Christina Mazzulla
Artist: Jieun June Kim

Here, the garage door is down.

Artist: Rachel Wilmshurst

Now there’s a vehicle parked in front of the garage door, and as we come out of the parking indent, we see another 3 works along the alley’s walls. If you squint, or blow up the pic, you can see more art further down.

I adore this alley! 18 works of art, done by 20 women!

# Women Paint TO

Another parking indent, 2 more pieces on a fence and a single on the side of a building. On the right is the one work on the other side.

Artist: Courtney Vera Binns

Kurly Girlz are the alley wall of the last piece by Courtney Binns, which is on the side.  One just needs to look around the corner. Here I am near the west end of the alley looking to the east.

There is one more piece behind me, but it is further along, detached a bit from the rest. It is set into a boarded up window surrounded by 4 year old works, all done by some very cool guys.

The above piece and all of Alley 18 posts can be linked to from the “Smart Strong United” pic on my sidebar.

Pics taken by Resa – July 24, August 5, 10 & 16, September 1 –  2017

Toronto, Canada

New Artists: In order as they appear in this post

Artist: Bareket says “I’m filled with love from this weekend at #WomenPaintTO. It was a privilege to paint alongside 19 incredibly talented, kind and supportive artists.”

And I’m filled with love for all of these sisters, who I don’t know.

I dedicated this post to them, and to all the women who follow this blog. #Women Write Paint Photograph & Create WordPress!

38 thoughts on “# Women Paint TO

    1. Agree, Cindy! This alley is all you say. The vibe is quite appealing. LOL! I just walk the 3 blocks, and sit on a stump and make my calls! It’s better than my den.

  1. A glorious collection of art… all done by women!! What a sight to behold, dear Resa ❤ I'm sharing this one across all my social media networks. PS I cannot pick a favourite amongst them! PPS So sweet of you to dedicate this post to all the female readers here xx

    1. If there was ever a Women’s Street Art post, this is it. ❤ I'm with you, I can't pick a fave.
      When Women Inspire was always on my mind when I was working on getting this up. It's about the girls and the girls being united. xoxoxo

      1. You said it. I shared this post across 5 networks and I’ll include it in next Friday’s roundup too. Let’s continue to build up one another as women and expand the horizons! Earlier today I read a post giving gender equality flack and it struck me as so ignorant. Then I saw your new post and it strengthened my hope xo

        1. Aww, Thank you, Christy, for all the sharing!
          As the opening piece says, “Strong Smart United”
          Did the person who wrote the gender equality flack stuff post begin with ‘Small Stupid Untoward”?
          Don’t be thrown! We are “Strong Smart United”
          My love to you, dear friend! xoxo

  2. Carolee Croft

    It’s really cool to see the entire alley. Thanks for posting, Resa, I’m glad these women artists can get their fair share of the limelight!

    1. Hey Carolee! So glad you’ve seen the entire alley, now! It was a thrill to find all of this art in 1 alley, but when I realized (a few days later) that it was all female artists, I was awestruck!
      Hope you’re having a great weekend!

      1. Carolee Croft

        Thanks, hope you are too! I have lots more pics for you, but it’s just a matter of getting them cropped a little bit and organized. xoxo

  3. And you, Resa, join with them in their feminine collaboration as you showcase their works upon Graffiti Lux & Murals ~ making this another work of art to add to that collection… 🙂

    1. Carolyn,
      How sweet of you to say that! 😀 You are one of the first who ever followed this blog, and my collection of art that can’t be collected, as it is ephemeral. Of course, there are exceptions to all realities. When Banksy came here and painted …. I think 7 pieces, people literally took out chunks of buildings, took doors, and more.
      I’m getting very close to 1,000 posts, 1,000 works of art.

  4. Yeah, my sister is a very good painter. It pa… well, I’m rubbish. She did some tremendous graffiti on my parent’s wall circa 1996 which is now gone, but a fond memory of the Wapofif clan. Uh?!?

    1. I won’t stand for that! You are not rubbish! You are, perhaps a little odd, and your recipes and inventions might result in more lawsuits than cash, but I love your entrepreneurial spirit!
      So what if your sister is the great artist in the family?
      Wapojif clan? Wow! There’s one for Guinness …. the book, not the beer. ♡

    1. Charlie!
      Thank you, my dear friend! 😀
      I value every visit you make here, and your appreciation of the art and artists. 😀
      Freedom of expression is why I adore your prose, and poetry. Never stop being you! xo

      1. You welcome Resa.

        To quote H.R. Giger

        Some people would say my paintings show a future world and maybe they do, but I paint from reality. I put several things and ideas together, and perhaps, when I have finished, it could show the future. ~ H. R. Giger

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  6. Pingback: Weekly Inspiration Roundup - Vol. 9 | When Women Inspire

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