Torn Wallpaper & Butterfly

Alley 18 is coming to an end. Here are two more.

Artist: Andrea Manica

There’s still 5 more small pieces after this post, and I will be using them for an alley 18 summary post.

Artist: Kirsten McCrea
Artist: Andrea Manica
Artist: Andrea Manica
Artist: Kirsten McCrea

Pics taken by Resa – July 24, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist of Wallpaper:

Artist of Butterfly:


16 thoughts on “Torn Wallpaper & Butterfly

  1. It’s an ode to wallpaper – and the layers that come from within (we cover them but they’re still there!). The butterfly is glorious 😀 I’m a bit sad that Alley 18 is almost done.. I admit it

    1. I love that layers of wallpaper effect! I’ve seen it twice before, but never knew the artist! 😀
      Yeah, there’s 1 more alley 18 post left. 😀 Maybe I’ll find another alley of women!

  2. I love it… love butterflies… and how the caterpillar might become one… the best analogy of Life´s transformations… alongside its brief duration, sigh! .. Hugs, dear Resa xo ❤

    1. Hmmm….. Does/can Athena tie into this, in her goddess way? Metamorphosis, chrysalis/incubation.. Transforming? …. Just thinking out loud. 😀 ❤ xo

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