Canadian Black Drake

This Black Drake is obviously adored in Ottawa, Canada.

BlkD #1

First off, he is set amongst luscious red flowers ….

BlkD #3

…set at the foot of an important clock tower …

BlkD #2

…. and guarded by Highland Regiment.

BlkD #5

I also see Canada has imported an Alien to watch over the Black Drake.

BlkD #6

Pics taken by Resa, July 8, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

Dedicated to: Le Drake Noir

The artist:


BlkD #4

21 thoughts on “Canadian Black Drake

    1. You get everywhere, even on a Canadian wall, don’t you Drake ? 😎 🙂

      What’s even better is that Resa has dedicated this post to you my friend. That’s even cooler 😎

  1. Ohhh, a friend among the flowers!!
    He is very nice … but I know a much nicer black Drake, he lives in Toronto and his adventures are known throughout the world … for me Drake will always be the best 🙂 🙂
    Kisses and hugs for both!!!

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