Charlie Zero – Poet

Charlie Zero embraces Beat Poetry, & bytes 21st century’s tech.


Resa @ GLaM 0 reviews Charlie Zero’s new book @ Robot Dreams Inside A Plastic Soul!

CZ #1
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CZ has a message, & does not stray. Nor, does he shy away from vocabulary. This means you might want to have a dictionary handy, but don’t utilize it until you finish reading the poem at hand. IMHO, just read the poem & let your mind turn words into images. Good chance you will come to the same message/conclusion/advice or question that Charlie did.

CZ #12b

After the fact, I found it fun to search the words I didn’t know, only to find that in context of his work, I did know.

Obviously & ultimately, it’s not just the words Charlie uses, but the way he employs them.

Yet, Charlie can take the simplest of words and forms to create: the amusing, { “Colonel beef-fruit”} the didactic {“…multiply in zeroes.”} and the unnerving {“3, 2, 1 …boom!}”

CZ #12


CZero #15

At this point my fave chapter is “Advanced Mushrooms [The Kodak Man]”

CZero #14

In this chapter I found CZ”s current & topical messages revealed themselves most easily. This is especially evident in the poem “Mozart: The Orange Apocalypse”


CZ’s book of poetry is a like an artistic experiment, that has unlocked the DNA of words.

CZ #13

GLaM 0 signing out, & Resa heading back down to earth. Thanks for the great read, Charlie Zero!

CZ #7
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