Metrolinx Rail Corridor

Before I finish posting the Winnipeg Mural1812 – I’m posting these (not my best pics, but very interesting) of Canada’s largest Graffiti Mural. Ann from Ann Graphics is doing a paper on Graffiti and would like to see a few of the shots I’ve taken.


Please know that most of the time I am shooting across a ginormous section of tracks, and half the time I’m shooting into a blazing sun. I’ve got hundreds of yucky pics.

So, for Ann and the rest of you, here’s a quick tour via Slideshow. Each pic is numbered below itself to correspond with my commentary.

ONE – This panting is at the top of the beginning of the commissioned murals.

TWO – The view directly across the rails from ONE, which is Graffiti not commissioned by the city, but may be paid for the the private property it graces.

THREE – SIX is looking to the left, where you can see a decade of rogue graffiti. This is just the tip of the graffiti ice-berg Toronto is trying to get rid of. I’ve recognized at least one of the tag artists as part of the ensemble hired to do the Graffiti Mural.

SEVEN – I’ve gone a half block north to Queen Street in order to cross East under the tracks so I can view from the other side.

EIGHT – TWELVE are views of the reclaiming project on the sound wall.

THIRTEEN – At the south end I go West under the King Street tracks to view the project from the south end. I will be going back to finish my work!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For more info visit this article Canada’s Largest Graffiti Mural

Pics shot by Resa, on October 22, 2012

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Rail #17

Rail #14

Rail #15

Rail #16

9 thoughts on “Metrolinx Rail Corridor

  1. Fantastic! Thanks so much for posting these! They are indeed further than they were as shown in that article. I would still love to see this in person some day. Just a wonderful place for some serious pieces.

  2. You managed some great close-ups in there, Resa.
    Great artistry (such as these) are quite mesmerizing; I find it difficult to conceive of someone having the talent to create these incredible feats upon brick/cement walls… It really does overawe…!!! 🙂

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