Popeye, Beside & Behind

On Dufferin Street, south of Queen W. W. I noticed Graffiti behind construction vehicles blocking an alley.

Popeye #1

I found Popeye beside some Graffiti Art.

Popeye #2

Behind Popeye are the clapboards surrounding yet another Toronto condo project. They must have recycled the boards from a previous project, as the Graffiti was non-sensical.

Popeye #3

Pics shot by Resa, on March 26, 2013

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Metrolinx Rail Corridor

Before I finish posting the Winnipeg Mural1812 – I’m posting these (not my best pics, but very interesting) of Canada’s largest Graffiti Mural. Ann from Ann Graphics is doing a paper on Graffiti and would like to see a few of the shots I’ve taken.


Please know that most of the time I am shooting across a ginormous section of tracks, and half the time I’m shooting into a blazing sun. I’ve got hundreds of yucky pics.

So, for Ann and the rest of you, here’s a quick tour via Slideshow. Each pic is numbered below itself to correspond with my commentary.

ONE – This panting is at the top of the beginning of the commissioned murals.

TWO – The view directly across the rails from ONE, which is Graffiti not commissioned by the city, but may be paid for the the private property it graces.

THREE – SIX is looking to the left, where you can see a decade of rogue graffiti. This is just the tip of the graffiti ice-berg Toronto is trying to get rid of. I’ve recognized at least one of the tag artists as part of the ensemble hired to do the Graffiti Mural.

SEVEN – I’ve gone a half block north to Queen Street in order to cross East under the tracks so I can view from the other side.

EIGHT – TWELVE are views of the reclaiming project on the sound wall.

THIRTEEN – At the south end I go West under the King Street tracks to view the project from the south end. I will be going back to finish my work!

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For more info visit this article Canada’s Largest Graffiti Mural

Pics shot by Resa, on October 22, 2012

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Rail #17

Rail #14

Rail #15

Rail #16


Along the tracks between Dundas W. & Keele, in the alley north of Bloor St. W. find Zooks in a parking indent. This summer a voracious ivy will likely obscure the fabulous design on the right, which looks like a fusion of Haida and Graffiti Arts.

Zooks #2

It appears the Zooks girl was originally naked, but someone painted a bathing suit on her, to cover her nipples. It appears that then someone tried to scrape the paint off of a nipple, but wall crumbled away instead.

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Pics shot by Resa, on November 11, 2012

Toronto, Ontario, Canada