Along the tracks between Dundas W. & Keele, in the alley north of Bloor St. W. find Zooks in a parking indent. This summer a voracious ivy will likely obscure the fabulous design on the right, which looks like a fusion of Haida and Graffiti Arts.

Zooks #2

It appears the Zooks girl was originally naked, but someone painted a bathing suit on her, to cover her nipples. It appears that then someone tried to scrape the paint off of a nipple, but wall crumbled away instead.

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Pics shot by Resa, on November 11, 2012

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

11 thoughts on “Zooks

  1. nannus

    Indeed, the part on the right looks a little bit similar to the traditional art of the northwest coast. I see what you mean. Nice piece.

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    1. Safety for who? 😉 Not for the poor Zooks girl, she’s supposed to be naked. “lol”
      An air bag? “hahaha” yeah, without air in it! 🙂 Oh Drake I luv when you make me laugh! 🙂
      Thanks for the photo nod!

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