19 thoughts on “Forty-SeVen

  1. I love your site and all the images you post – you are doing such a great thing for your city by documenting all of these. Do you ever know which of the city artworks that you feature are solicited and which aren’t? Does the illegal stuff tend to be removed by officials or left alone if not offensive? Just curious. I’m doing a small study of graffiti art and artists in Milwaukee for a university class and it seems to be more often removed here if not specifically solicited. I have to really search under bridges and stuff to find nice pieces.

    1. I know a fair bit about what you are asking.
      I actually am documenting 2 cities: Toronto and Winnipeg.
      If you go to The Murals of Winnipeg link on my Winnipeg posts you will learn a lot about the city’s murals and it’s pride of them.

      In Toronto, the city, in the last few years has just begun to commission, but businesses have been doing it longer.

      It seems hard core street graffiti taggers have some respect for street art, and refrain decorating (for the most part) spaces that murals occupy.

      Toronto has been adding to its murals , but is still largely a city of Graffiti Art which is not to be lumped in with general graffiti.

      1. I am beginning to learn these differences, sometimes subtle to “outsiders”. I know your Winnipeg site and didn’t realize the two-city objective here – how cool! I just interviewed (today) the director of a local hip-hop arts school here in Milwaukee and got some great info. She has a huge original Cope2 in her office from when he visited the school! I love seeing what’s going on around the world.

    2. I’d like to add that much of the Graffiti Art in Toronto’s back alleys is not commissioned, although bits of it are.
      The alleys are like Public Art Galleries, and even the general tagging is left quite often. This is the case in my Post “A Pretty Mess”

      I will send you a link later to Canada’s largest Graffiti Mural, which is here in Toronto. In the article I believe it talks about the city’s crackdown on general graffiti and embracing the “Art” angle.

  2. Could you please tell me where exactly to find this wall? I’m a photographer and I’d love to check it out in person! If I’m walking from queen west and dufferin, where do I go?

    Thanks so much for your site!!! It’s awesome!

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