Belén Soto’s Drake Noir Moves to Toronto

Belén of Arcilla Y Fuego sent her Drake Noir to live w/me in Toronto.

Ceramic Artist:
Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

He was very nervous upon arrival & hid in the plants .

DNoir #3
Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

I took him walking in the alley. The art captivated him.

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto
Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

“Hey mom, look at me! I’m hangin’ in the alleys of TO with Resa! ”

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto
Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

LOL! As this slideshow reveals, we had a great day of muralling!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When we got home, Drake insisted on having shots taken on the floor I painted. He said I was an artist, too!

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto
Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

When I introduced Drake & mini-me, it was love at first sight! Here mini-me models a pin Belén designed. Drake flew over from Spain with it , as a gift for me.

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto
Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

You can visit Belén on her blog site –

Arcilla Y Fuego

Then  drop by 
Cerámica Belén Soto



& do some shopping! I used my PayPal, but I see other forms of payment as well. Don’t worry about breakage, as Belén is a master at packing!

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto
Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto

Le Drake Noir

As it was in Belén’s original Drake Noir Post this is dedicated to you!

Pics taken by Resa – September 2, 2015

Toronto, Ontario

P.S. When Drake met mini-me he played her a beautiful Spanish love song on the guitar!

Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto
Ceramic Artist: Belén Soto


60 thoughts on “Belén Soto’s Drake Noir Moves to Toronto

  1. Awww ! How lovely ! I visit Belén’s blog and I remember this little guy and, wow, he’s living with you now Resa. Lucky guy 😀
    I love the floors. You are so talented dear friend.
    Love Ralph xoxox ❤ #< #<

        1. xoxo: It’s a very cute post! I just commented, as I was busy making dinner & entertaining last night. I had to return a and read it again.
          You’re very sweet to think of me & Jeep & johnny & oh yeah, my little black Drake! xoxo ❤ #<

  2. Hope this little black fellow continues to behave exemplary – come on such a lucky fellow by traveling from Belén’s creative magical hands across the Atlantic over to Resa’s creative magical hands – definitely still in good hands – but keep him from the drums, otherwise the whole Toronto will be aware of the new inhabitant and end up sleepless… 😀

    I don’t wonder at all that he immediately caught his attention on your beautiful floor and the attractive “little-me” too – it’s in the genes… 😀

    1. So far he is perfectly behaved. He was tired from his long trip, but after 1 night was ready to see the sights of Toronto.
      However, mini-me has already introduced him to the drums downstairs. We’ll have to see what happens. Maybe he’ll join the band! 😀
      He loves all the art, and has moved in with mini-me. 😀

  3. Reblogged this on Arcilla y fuego and commented:
    En el inicio de su tradicional migración hacia lugares mas cálidos, Drake cometió un error al introducir las coordenadas en su GPS, ( le advertí que sus plumas son muy grandes para unas teclas tan pequeñas ) … y tras una gran aventura transoceanica, el ha llegado a Toronto, Canadá.
    Todo mi agradecimiento para Resa, A Drake le encanta este nuevo hogar, sus ojos me dicen que el es muy feliz!!!
    At the start of his traditional migration to warmer places, Drake made a mistake when entering the coordinates in your GPS (I warned him that their feathers are too big for such small keys) … and after a transoceanic adventure, has come to Toronto, Canada.
    All my thanks to Resa, Drake loves this new home, your eyes tell me that he is very happy !!!

    1. Aww, thank you and many kisses! I am very happy Drake has made it to Toronto in good health. He is settled in very nicely & mini-me is very smitten with him.! 🙂 xo

    1. You are so welcome! What fun I’m having. Your creations are wonderful, and this little Black Drake is sooo adorable! He looks so sweet in my home! Big Hugs to you, too!

        1. Belén, you are in your own home here!
          You are more than welcome to comment, & I know Drake is happy that you do.
          I love him a lot.
          I understand it is still difficult for him to leave the original nest, not just for the duckling, but for the parent.
          He is very loved & I promise he will have the best home..well, mini-me has already taken care of that.
          They are truly in love, and are planning a future together.
          Hugs & Kisses – Resa

          1. Thanks Resa, he is an extrovert duck … and is in the best hands, by the way, Drake has become a popular duck in Vigo, many people have read about his adventures!!!
            Tell him, sure he likes to know 😉
            Hugs & Kisses

            1. Ah, Vigo looks very beautiful! 🙂 When I finally get the nerve to fly over the ocean, I will make Vigo a destination!
              So, little Drake is happy to hear everyone knows of his adventure. He likes being popular. 😉
              Hugs and kisses to you, Belén, from me & Drake

    1. Hola Guillermo, yo no dudaría en acurrucarme entre sus alas y dejar que me transportase hacia nuevas tierras, me conformo con vivir la aventura a través de los ojos de Drake…
      Un abrazo.

        1. Ha mejorado mucho su Inglés, (es imprescindible en sus vuelos por el vecindario) … realmente está en muy buenas manos, con Resa las aventuras están aseguradas 🙂 🙂
          es un pato con mucha suerte.
          Muchas gracias y otro abrazo para ti!!

  4. Muchas gracias A.!! Drake no quiso que lo acompañase, yo se lo propuse, pero estos patos adolescentes y sus ansias de independizarse … no fue posible.
    Es muy afortunado y va a ser muy feliz con Resa.

    1. De nada!
      Drake is very independent. He takes mini-me on flights over Toronto to show her how beautiful it is.
      “lol” He is a bit of a show off! She is crazy about him.

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