Vudu Cat

Christina Mazzulla is a wonderful artist, with a particular passion for her Vudu Cats.

I adore all cats. They are earth’s most capable hunters. The skull on this kitty’s head makes sense.

I wonder what cat people think?

This Vudu Cat is all cozy in hand knit sweater, and surrounded by flowers, bunnies  and hearts.

This graf mural is a collaboration with C. Mazzulla & Wysper.

I can totally read his writing.

Not sure who the artist of the below is. It’s right beside Vudu Cat. Mandala like, it made me think of Stephan Graham at Mandala Vihara

Pics taken by Resa – December 1, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

Christina Mazzulla & Wysper

94 thoughts on “Vudu Cat

    1. I was quite amused when I found this. xoxoxoxo

      Of course it’s dark here today. Did an RR last night. Supposedly some sun tomorrow, so will take pic then! xoxo

        1. I live in one of the murkiest cities! Gi lives in another! Plus the wind is gusting to 56mph today. I’ve had enough of hanging onto telephone poles. Lol!!!

    1. Welcome! Yeah, there’s nothing like a cat who wears its kills as hats.

      The writing says “Wysper”. I can’t believe all the confusion it’s causing. 🤓🧐🙄🤔

  1. The green eyes on ginger cat speak. Magical. Years ago I met a gal with ginger hair and mint green eyes. Thankfully, she didn’t caste Vudu spells upon me…at least I don’t think so. Regards, TOF

      1. Maybe she didn’t cast any spells yet, if I’m honest, I have used her general demeaner for many of the gals who I write about in much the same way as I do with mad, wild Shirl. Her name, oddly as I didn’t name our puppy…I wanted her to be named Mayday…was Rosie. Human girl Rosie all those years gone by made a point of dating me for weeks on end. One night as I dropped her off at her flat she, for the first time in our odd yet innocent rendezvous she asked for a first kiss. I obliged. Following the event she apologised saying that she was ever so sorry but in truth that kiss proofed to her that the males of the species really were not for her and that she was testing me out to confirm that to her a male/female bonding could never work. My mates told me they thought she was a bitch. To me she was doing the right thing. So what, she’d used me as an experiment. I liked her and wished we’d remained friends. Sadly that never happened. She disappeared. Perhaps it was how I became TOF.

          1. Only this very morn young Rosie experimented on me. At the time she was most comfortable…as was I…sharing a bed with me, she playing the part of a hot water bottle like no other, me her cuddler. All was calm, then, out of the blue, even though we were two floors up her sensitive dog nose detected the whiff of an egg boiling down in the kitchen. Would she stay with me, or leg it to said kitchen? Sadly the boiled egg was preferred over TOF. In a nutshell, the story of my life…I jest.

  2. Nice one, Resa! For some strange reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, your final image stood out! Thanking you most kindly for your thoughts and the shout out, dear friend.


    1. I hope I find more Mandalas! I never had a Mandala pal before!

  3. Oh… what an amazing Vudu cat!
    I love that Mandala like design! Yes, I think you’re right, Graham will appreciate it! 😉
    Great find, dahling!!!!

    1. It’s a sweet kitty!
      That Mandala was a bonus find. I wish the artist would have signed it.
      You know, that drawing commission I took is interfering with blog time.
      Still, I’m learning a lot!

  4. I know it’s supposed to look fierce but I find him/her too adorable, especially all dressed up in knits. What in the hell is written? Or was that sarcasm? And that mandala must have taken hours and hours. Wonderful all ’round!

    1. I know! It’s very cute in the knits.

      The written part says “WYSPER”. He’s a long standing street artist in TO.
      He writes his name in his way.
      He assisted Christine in this graffiti mural. It’s quite old school to see a written name with an art image on one side or the other side, or in the centre.
      It’s making a huge comeback.
      I’ve become familiar with a large handful of writing at this point, and can actually read those.
      ⚡️💥 Double Thunder ⚡️💥

      1. Very.

        Ahhh… Probably if I had enlarged it and stepped back I would have seen.
        I love that. Old is new again!
        I bet you do have that ability.
        🧚‍♀️🎇 Double Sorceress! 🧚‍♀️🎇

    1. I wish my cats would find their fierce and get rid of that mouse that moved in when the weather started getting cold.
      It’s a smart one. Jeep stalks the appropriate places, but the mouse senses and doesn’t take chances. N has seen it twice. He says it’s getting FAT!

  5. I LOVE Christina Mazzula’s creative spirit. Such life in the face and positioning. The Vudu Cat is ready to pounce out of the mural. WOW. And you are absolutely right about the Unknown Artist’s presentation – it does indeed remind me of Stephan Graham’s “Mandala Vihara”!

    1. Christine is a fab artist. I’ve seen flowers, butterflies, cats that aren’t Vudu and more.
      She started with the Vudu Cats a few years ago. They are her trademark, now.

      The Mandala must have taken quite awhile to paint.
      So much fun in the alleys. {{hugs}}}

    1. I know, right! She paints this nasty looking cat, and surrounds it in hearts and bunnies.
      We are in love with our pets!
      I adore this mural. So happy you saw it! xoxoxo

    1. Agree! I had a cat that was a birder, until we made him an indoor cat when we moved onto a busy street.
      Now, to my currents guys… THERE”S A MOUSE IN THE HOUSE!!!!

  6. Great shots, Resa. Cool cat in stalking hunter ready to pounce mode! All the accessories and background make it so cute (to us, maybe not to the little mice and garden birds!! … but then, maybe it’s not these little creatures it’s hunting… maybe it’s us? Okay, I’m scared now!).

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