birdo blue

This is the most beautiful “birdo” I’ve ever seen.

Artist: birdo
Artist: birdo

It’s on a side street, north of College & west of Spadina.

BBirdo #2
Artist: birdo

It’s part of a larger graf mural.

BBirdo #4
Artist: birdo

I stood across the street for a wide shot. Perfect position would have been in the middle of the road, but the traffic was heavy.

BBirdo #19

Left to right, there’s these 2 cute birdo animals.

BBirdo #20

Then blue beauty

BBirdo #3

Then some graf writing

BBirdo #7

DMC, ACK & MXC have signed  the writing, and may have assisted birdo with the rest. I’m not sure.

BBirdo #13


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A gorgeous reflection of “birdo blue”

BBirdo #8

Thank you Birdo!

Artist: birdo
Artist: birdo

Pics taken by Resa, September 10, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Artists Signatures

BBirdo #6

BBirdo #14

BBirdo #17

18 thoughts on “birdo blue

  1. Maremma Gee

    Awesome again…Iv’e actually tried to replicate some graffiti art in pastel on paper and oil on canvas….convinced it can’t be done….

    1. Interesting, I tried, too! It’s just not the same.
      The real graf artists use spray paints in cans. I’ve watched artists paint, and there is a lot of technique involved in controlling the spray for various effects from a fine line to a star explosion.
      Although most is done over wood panels, brick, stucco & metal garage doors, I have seen the technique used on a smooth surface that is then applied to whatever wall.
      I have also seen outdoor muralists use paint from cans. Still there is the texture of the exterior wall making a statement.

  2. Wow, this street artist is really impressing, his imagination is out of this world I can see it why is your favorite artist, I’m a total fan of his work. Love a creative mind and a colorful one as well! Very unique indeed!Thank you for directing me to see this Resa, was a real treat! xoxo

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