Revolution 9

“Number 9 Audio Group” mural.

9 #1

Located in Cabbagetown, Toronto, their name “Number 9 Audio Group” is a nod to the Beatles “Revolution 9”

9 #2

9 #3

9 #4

9 #5

9 #6

9 #7

9 #8

Pics taken by Resa, on May 20, 2014

Toronto, Canada

18 thoughts on “Revolution 9

    1. I had heard about this piece, and just had to find it! Although it was raining I didn’t give up, and when I found it, it was, like you say, wonderful.
      Epiphanious (there I go making up words)

      1. You are! I’m currently in Poland and there are tags everywhere, right on some really old buildings. Not so much nice stuff but a few colorfully painted newer buildings and walls. Nothing like Toronto!

          1. I’m posting on the go from my iPad, which isn’t as easy for me as from my full computer. The images don’t show up in the order I want them, but I’m impatient so I just post anyway. I’m sort of overwhelmed with images! Thanks for the well wishes!

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