Too, Cute Puppies

Bark, bark, bark!  I heard about these dogs in an alley. Grrrr, Grrr!

Artist:Christine Mazzulla

Snarrll, Snarrll! I found the dogs, and I also found an alley full new art! Barrk, Barrk!

Artist:Christine Mazzulla

Growwll!  Snarrll!

Artist:Christine Mazzulla

Pics taken by Resa – September 21, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

30 thoughts on “Too, Cute Puppies

    1. I’d say it took them 1, maybe 2 days. Great colors! Yet, spray paint & a lot of empty cans = fluorocarbons. I’m thinking in terms of a greater ephemeral experience for street art.:D

  1. Couldn’t help but think of Harry Potter and the 3 headed puppy-dog ‘Fluffy’ guarding the Philosopher’s Stone! Of course, here we have only 2 heads, but, Resa, what heads they are!
    I wonder, as in Greek mythology (Cerberus was a three-headed dog that guarded the gates to the underworld ~ music lulled them to sleep allowing passage. The same scenario was used in H.P. with Fluffy being lulled to sleep with music.) I know I’m being fanciful, but, I wonder if music calms these beauties, too… 🙂
    Absolutely love the colours. Kudos to Christine Mazzulla.

      1. Next New Moon is October 19th. Glad I answered before that! duh! and glad those dogs didn’t bite – as I knew they wouldn’t. Pits are all hugs and kisses – honestly – I know from experience! 😉 Ditto + many many hugs!!!! + xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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