Walk, Walk, Walk Around the Box

I’m having a difficult time with the editor.


I hope this walk around a power box…

Artist: Vivian Rosas

Turns out good.

Artist: Vivian Rosas

I adore it!

Artist: Vivian Rosa


Artist: Vivian Rosas


Artist: Vivian Rosas

Pics taken by Reas – August 25, 2017

Toronto, Canada


The Artist:


26 thoughts on “Walk, Walk, Walk Around the Box

  1. Oh My! Frank’s comment had me going back for a second/third look. Now, to be honest I didn’t see anything suggestive on the first go around. But…. hmmmm… he may be right!
    Luv it… 🙂

    1. I know, I had to have a few looks,myself. 😀 It was worth it! Art is more than just a bunch of pretty faces, often. I saw this passing by on the street car, and made a special trip back on a another day.xoxoxo

  2. Carolee Croft

    I like her style! And yes, I was struck by the slightly suggestive parts… the hand in an interesting place and that purse. Hmm…

    1. It is impressive. Toronto is going crazy and painting amap out in the streets. It’s a fab art movement, and I’m getting to be in the thick of it.

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