Walk, Walk, Walk Around the Box

I’m having a difficult time with the editor.


I hope this walk around a power box…

Artist: Vivian Rosas

Turns out good.

Artist: Vivian Rosas

I adore it!

Artist: Vivian Rosa


Artist: Vivian Rosas


Artist: Vivian Rosas

Pics taken by Reas – August 25, 2017

Toronto, Canada


The Artist:


26 thoughts on “Walk, Walk, Walk Around the Box

  1. Oh My! Frank’s comment had me going back for a second/third look. Now, to be honest I didn’t see anything suggestive on the first go around. But…. hmmmm… he may be right!
    Luv it… 🙂

    1. I know, I had to have a few looks,myself. 😀 It was worth it! Art is more than just a bunch of pretty faces, often. I saw this passing by on the street car, and made a special trip back on a another day.xoxoxo

    1. It is impressive. Toronto is going crazy and painting amap out in the streets. It’s a fab art movement, and I’m getting to be in the thick of it.

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