It was a very tasty day in Graffiti Alley.

Of course this is not Uber 5000. It is Doctor Evil.

However, he must have had something very tasty.

This is Uber 5000. I’m in the lift taking pics. I have a better one, but I’m saving it for when I do the actual post of the mural, which was in progress.

Uber 5000 at work

When Uber invited me up & in, I was thrilled beyond words. Then he said, “let’s see how high this goes!” WOW! We went up to the fourth story. There was some art I had only ever seen a sliver of from the ground.

Uber 5000’s scissor lift/paint storage

 Then he told me UV lights had been installed over his mural. That was why some of the colors seemed stronger than usual. This mural will glow in the dark. There are 2 more day-glow murals being installed in the city, and I know where they are.

I knew I had to leave him to his work. I snapped a few more new bits in Graffiti Alley on my way out, including Dr. Evil.

I felt blessed!

Pics taken by Resa – February 17, 2017

Toronto, Canada

When I visited  Uber 5000 website, I realized he had done a Jimi Hendrix mural I had covered. Click on Jimi’s pic to visit the post.

I will be updating the post, as I did not know who the artist was at that time. I will also be adding an Uber 5000 page to the “Artists” pages.

Never in my widest dreams did I think I would get to capture the above piece. Thank you, Uber 5000!

32 thoughts on “⭐️I MET UBER 5000 & HE TOOK ME UP IN HIS SCISSOR LIFT⭐️

  1. Carolee Croft

    It’s so cool when you get to meet the artist and get the inside scoop. Also, now I’m reminded to re-watch the Austin Powers movies. And Zoolander, just because I need to watch more comedies 🙂

  2. Woo; how cool was that?!!!
    Seems you are becoming well known by some fabulous artists. How special it all must have been. And you have the images as well. Super cool, I’d say.. 🙂

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  4. It is awesome getting an opportunity like this; it only means this much to a person who is as passionate and interested in the artwork as the artist himself! The murals are beautiful; I love the colors and abstractive shapes that form the pictures. ❤

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