São Paulo, from Carolee

Perhaps these 2 hummingbirds are on love? Well I’m in love with them!

Photo @ Carolee Croft

The previous São Paulo post had hummingbirds, as well. However, they are different paintings that appear to be by the same artist.

Photo © Carolee Croft

Luv, luv this bit!

Photo © Carolee Croft

Below is a piece from a globally famous street artist, Eduardo Kobra.

Artist: Kobra – Photo © Carolee Croft

I adore the humor revealed in the series of photos Carolee took of this apparent King.

Artist: Paulo Ito – Photo © Carolee Croft

Brazilian artist Paulo Ito s very political with his work. A mural he did of a starving child eating a soccer ball during the The World Cup went viral. Click on the pic below to read a news article on it!

Artist: Paulo Ito – Photo © Carolee Croft

Carolee says: “Also, in the picture of the mouse and the emperor, it’s kind of hard to see in the photo but the threads in the emperor’s coat are actually real!”

Artist: Paulo Ito – Photo © Carolee Croft
Artist: Paulo Ito – Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft
Artist: @spiders_bigbig_spiders – Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft

“I often walked down this alley when I lived in Sao Paulo. It fostered art installations, capoeira performances, concerts, children playing, people walking their dogs.”

Photo © Carolee Croft


Carolee Croft is a Canadian writer who had been living in São Paulo, Brazil. She has now returned to Edmonton, Canada. She has just released a new novel Ariella’s Rebellion.

Carolee writes novels that are in her own words “I hope not too naughty for your audience”. I find that a tad endearing coming from an admitted fan of Spongebob. You can find her books on  Carolee’s Books on Amazon

“The purple-haired sailor was always visible from my window. I will miss her and Brazil!”

Blow up the next 2 pics and see the purple haired sailor better!

“The 3D art is from an alley that’s located at the site of an underground river, Agua Preto, and hosts a community of artists and an environmental group that would like to see the river resurfaced.”

45 thoughts on “São Paulo, from Carolee

    1. This is the beauty of street art. I live in the city’s core. It is old, and lots of cement… very grey. Yet, every day is brighter with art everywhere!

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  2. Carolee Croft

    Thanks for posting, Resa, and for your knowledgeable commentary. I had no idea Paulo Ito was such a famous artist. Now I wish I could have seen that mural of the child with the soccer ball while I was in Brazil.
    And I’m in love with those hummingbirds too! xoxoxo

    1. Ah, the graffiti bug has bitten you! Used to be the street art was just neat. Now, I have gained an interest in the artists, as well! There’s got to be some neat street art where you are. I can hardly wait for spring to hit Canada! xoxoxo

  3. Carolee Croft

    Reblogged this on Carolee Croft and commented:
    The lady or the tiger? Why choose when you can have both! And some beautiful hummingbirds too… Many thanks to Resa for posting my final collection of graffiti and street art photos from Brazil.

  4. Wow! That is all I can say, Resa!! You packed quite a lot in this post! Just wow!! Amazing art you found. Perhaps if all the artists in the world would go all out and paint, and sing, and take pictures, and make music, and just all out create BEAUTY, this world would change! Much Love to you, dear friend!! 💖💖💖

  5. That political art with the king and his shirt coming undone is something else all right! Great mix of art and political statement. It’s great to see Carolee back here, Resa!

    1. Of course you would pick up and comment on any deeper meanings. 😀
      Really, this is where graffiti came from: mene mene tekel upharson, political messages in shapes of Che Guevara, words of rebellion, intellectual challenge, ancient Italian frescos. Of course some of these may have been defacing private property.
      Now, we have young scribblers, writing their scribble over and over, defacing private property.
      So, enter street art, legal, usually less provocative, always interesting or at least pleasing to the eye and cheering up a drab urban environment. xo

  6. Naughty King, is all I can say!! 🙂
    Great finds here, Carolee; Brazil is soooo colourful. I can imagine your stay must have been wonderful.
    What a great collection, Resa; and the 3D art is special too.. 🙂

  7. These are amazing photo’s each and every one. Such amazing art, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be there looking up. The Hummingbirds blew me away. Once again a gorgeous post of what’s out there that without you we would miss! ❤

    1. The hummingbirds are a thing of beauty! It truly is a joy to see a mural or fab piece of street art in person.
      Very excited about my ATHENA graffiti gown for Art Gowns/tandem post w/ Aq/U! I’ve borrowed a lot from the artists, As a matter of fact, I thought I was copying them. Interesting how art becomes unique to an artist. ❤

    1. Yeah, there is still some political street art around. 😀 I think Sath has done a fab job in fusing the pleasantries of street art and murals with political ideas. I’ll be doing a post on him, again, soon.
      Waving back! 😀 xo

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