Summer’s Sirens

It is, and has been very grey in Toronto since January 1.

Artist(s): Blazeworks

Fortunately, I have this bright and beautiful garage door.

Artist(s): Blazeworks

Vernal Equinox is nigh!

Artist(s): Blazeworks
Artist(s): Blazeworks
Artist(s): Blazeworks

Pics taken by Resa – September 21, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s)

39 thoughts on “Summer’s Sirens

    1. Yes, the Alien franchise that gets to happen in spring is here! Where are you? Winter? Blink once if you’re married!
      All joking aside, is there spring/or seasons in the Philippines? I understand it to be like one season. LOL!
      Wondering what books you’ll find there?

      1. From what I gather, we get hot, which it is now usually around 25 to 30 degrees, Summer (end of March to May) which is anything up to 40 degrees back to hot again for a bit and then a month or two of rainy season, then repeat.

        I have found a few bookshops, there is a lot airport style books over here, less of the meaty stuff but I remain confident of finding the good stuff!

        1. Okay, we get cold here, but we also get up to 40c.
          It seems the rainy season is your winter.You will find good books. If you do not,I will buy one for you, and mail it to you.

          1. You are too kind! I am hoping to push into the local scene and find something nice and obscure to share with you. I will hunt out some murals at some point too soon. I am assured there are quite a few so this please me.

  1. Oh, I missed this one, Resa; and it is so beautiful.
    I can appreciate how heartwarming it would be to come across such a pretty scene on a cold grey day! πŸ™‚

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