Do Fairies Live in the City?

I finally found a fairy house in the city. Here’s the door.

FairyH #1

It is perfect & cozy on Bathurst Street.

FairyH #6

This fairy house has a magic singing bird living in the tree above.

FairyH #3

I think it’s a Bluebird Redbreast.

FairyH #4

  I’m almost positive.

FairyH #2

Pics taken by Resa, February 21, 2016

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s): TBD

FairyH #5

39 thoughts on “Do Fairies Live in the City?

    1. I showed it to Drake’s friend! For sure she likes it. She wanted to know if she can live there. 😉 I told her it was already rented out. She said that was okay, she likes living by the fireplace in the plants with her friend Drake. ❤

        1. Hahaha! Yes.. a very important duck, indeed! Wish me luck! I’m up for a job. Definitely, as soon as I get this job, I am requesting a white duck or swan for Drake! 🙂

    1. It’s interesting that I’ve held so much art back, thinking adults wouldn’t like it. Now that I’m 1/2 way through Kids’ Month on GLaM, and I’m using all my children friendly back log & new log, I realize adults love it, too! 🙂

      1. Dale

        Absolutely!! I’m the first in line to see Disney and Pixar and such…I ain’t the only one…so it’s only normal to enjoy graffiti art as well…

      1. LOL Thanks, I think that bird is a weaver’s daughter who wove too cleverly for the liking of the witch-queen. Now she can only weave music, and she’s leashed by the notes to the tiny house in the woods. Her father went mad and is roaming the woods. 😀 I love stories.

  1. Wow I love these! Perfect title. I was thinking to myself have I ever seen graffiti art like that here in Tulsa and then I remembered this. I was so focused on my nephew I wasn’t paying attention to the art really! OH yay!

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