The Magic Meadow

This Magic Meadow is in Ottawa.

Mush #1

It has a magic tree that sheds light to all who grow under it.

Mush #3

The Mushrooms especially like it, because they often grow in shaded places.

Mush #5
Artist: Shade
Mush #6
Artist: Shade
Mush #7
Artist: Shade

Mush #8

All life is happy in the Magic Meadow.

Mush #2

Pics taken by Resa, 2013 – 2015

Ottawa & Toronto Canada

Mush #9

Mush #10

Mush #4

Young Hearts Run Free – Artist: @ Eckstatic

YoungHts #6
pic by Resa 11/11/15 Toronto


36 thoughts on “The Magic Meadow

  1. I love this post, Resa. Magic Meadows! I can vote for that. I have a few myself but not with the magic tree from Toronto ❤
    Do you think I can get an offshoot? 🙂

    1. I’m almost 1/2 way through kids’ month here on GLaM. I think it’s working out quite well! I am very pleased to see how much street art there is out there for children, and s much of it is very enchanting & fairy like! xoxo

  2. I love this a wide open space for the imagination in a built up area, if life were like a cartoon we would all run through that wall and into the meadow and away into the distance.

    1. Many murals spur my imagination this way. There could be a TV series … or a book of short stories that begins with a mural. The person observing that particular image is absorbed into it, Here they live out a reality/subconscious or conscious desire/ or fear based on the mural. Kind of like a twilight zone, but always staring with a mural.

        1. I consider your comment a lovely compliment!
          You love to read.You love imagination that exudes stories. I’ve supplied some grist for the mill, some fallow for the field. You know… I do like writing, and I am intolerably creative at times.
          BTW, I was fully clothed, possibly in a turtle neck when I wrote that comment. 😀

          1. You always bring forth my imagination my friend (which isn’t in reference to you being fully clothed or not when you write comments, I hasten to add). Intolerably creative, I like that phrase, I try to settle for a bit creative everyday which is usually my limit.

    1. Thanks Dave! It’s Kids” Month on GLaM & I’m using all of the best child/youth friendly art I have. I’ve done a couple of charity posts & have a few charity links up at the top of my side bar.
      Was over at your blog early today, but was having a browser or WP problem. Will head back over later or w/ morning coffee!

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