The Harvester

I never know where I’m going, ’til I get there.

I never know if I’m going ’til I’m gone.

Walked into an alley in Chinatown

…and found

…this beauty!

A few years old, and a bit chipped up, she is nonetheless a beacon amid the hoi polloi of alley art.

Pics taken by Resa – July 19, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:


90 thoughts on “The Harvester

    1. It is a fab find, especially in that mangey Chinatown alley. Still; it quite often pays off to wander into a nasty looking alley, as this proves! ⚑️πŸ’₯

          1. As long as you do the Stray Cat Strut… πŸ˜‰
            Keeping in mind, you are not just any ole stray cat… A Sorceress! πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸŽ‡

  1. I am still astounded how these fabulous artists can upscale these murals to fit on the side of a building whilst still making the portrait look amazing, yet I still struggle with a pencil and paper to create an image! At first glance I thought it might be one of the Cruz sisters (Penelope or Monica) but I’m not so sure now, however the lady is still familiar for some reason. Another stellar find.

    1. It is a stellar find! I was thrilled when I spotted her. You are not the only one who mentions Penelope Cruz.
      A long time ago I thought maybe the artists used projection to aid in painting these massive pieces, but NOT!
      I have witnessed many works being painted.
      They just stand back and look. The artists are fantastic!

      1. I just find it amazing how the artist translates the image they see and works out a 3D movement to actually spray the next section (i.e. knowing how far to spray to create the shape they need/spacial awareness). Magical.

          1. Using a forklift truck (or a Scissor-Lift platform) makes sense. A long time ago when I worked in retail I had to replace some florescent lights in our warehouse and got lifted on a forklift – it was quite fun. We were meant to use a special “caged” pallet to stand in but we didn’t have one at our warehouse so I just had to stand on a regular pallet and hold tight.

            1. It was a Scissor-Lift platform). I got confused.
              Cripes, I don’t even change the light bulbs in the ceiling of my apartment. It’s way too high. I’m from the prairies and get dizzy sometimes, or claustrophobic in places like elevators!

              1. I was lucky in a way and wasn’t too concerned as I trained as a Lighting Technician in college so I spent a lot of time climbing scaffolding and lighting trusses. I don’t particularly like heights but I respect it and can work high up. I also live on the top floor of a tower block soo I kinda have to get on with height and gravity!

    1. She is beautiful. I try with the shots. I want to impart the impact each work has on me, as I discover it.
      It truly is fun hunting for art.
      xoxo 🐭🐭 xoxo

    1. Lava…Lava …
      So good..OH right sorry! Listening to Ministry on Oannes.
      Okay, back to the art.
      Yeah, she is gorgeous. It’s so thrilling when I find great works.
      I’ll take the kisses!
      Sponges unlimited!

      1. …and hugs unlimited!!!!!!
        …and love
        Lava… Lava (what we’re under!!!! πŸ”₯♨️πŸ”₯♨️πŸ”₯♨️πŸ”₯♨️πŸ”₯♨️πŸ”₯πŸ₯΅πŸ”₯♨️♨️)

  2. Wow. What a beautiful work of art. She brightens up the entire area and no one defaced her. Amazing. You said she’s older but everyone is respectful and leaves her alone. Wonderful.

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  4. Wow! Imagine the hard work, time, money and talent to be able to execute this. Kudos to the artist and thank you for sharing this. It’s like finding a flower growing through a crack in the pavement. Love it

  5. This is the third time around for me Resa. There is something powerful in The Harvester’s confident stance, in the way she looks upward seeking and know there are possibilities. I smiled when I read your first line – β€œI never know where I’m going, β€˜til I get there. I love your β€œtheres” Resa.

    1. Lol! That first line was meant to amuse, as was the second line.
      When I go looking for art, I really don’t know where I’m going. I just think about the possibles, and if something strikes my fancy, I’m gone!
      This is a fab portrait/mural. I think her confidence comes from the nature she is surrounded by.

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  7. snowflake.❄️❄️

    The portrait is so so so amazing.😍 Resa !! It’s seems to be a master piece ! I wish I would HV seen it in real !! 😜 !!

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