Jazzical ?

These dancers literally mesmerized me.

Each of the 3 speak with their bodies.

Perhaps they are recreating the flower?

Pics taken by Resa – July 28, 2021

Toronto, Ontario

The artist: Unsigned

There’s a lot of art here. I did a pano. To the left you see some other art. It’s almost a half block of paintings up to this piece.

On the right, you see a lot of art, and you can see an underpass. The art goes all the way to the other end of the underpass. This is the best, but there are some other pretty great pieces.

102 thoughts on “Jazzical ?

    1. I know! Thunder, how can I top this?
      Guess I’ll just have to get out there and look. Friday is up for a 2 hour walk. I will photograph the rest of the good art along the wall and in the underpass. There are some good pieces.

      Anyway, I have some beauties in reserve! Eeeeee!

      1. No need to top – just keep doing what you’re doing! This is gorgeous, for sure, Sorceress, but you have the magical talent of finding beauties all over.
        Looking forward to seeing it.
        I keep wanting to take a video of a long mural along the bike path. Just waiting for my knee to not complain when I pedal.


    1. This is such a great piece!
      You are right, the movement, the art.
      I wish I knew who the artist is! For my money, I think this is a young talent….under 20 yrs.
      The outdoor art gallery has helped raise up some artists.

    1. Tim,
      I still can’t forget it.
      I think I’m returning to the underpass and the wall on Friday.
      Other works to capture, but this is special.

      1. Timothy Price

        It is. It makes me want to see a dance performance. We used to go to a lot of dance perfoemances, but we haven’t gone out to a show in a long time. Actually, the dancer jumping reminded me of when I was in a modern dance class and we were practicing jumps. I took two or three large leaps and crashed into all the girls who had leaped across the floor before me. It was quite exciting with dancers screaming and scattering all directions. I think that was a class with Jennifer Predock.

          1. Timothy Price

            I had a class or two from her. She was very avant-garde, and really well known in modern dance when I was at the university many moons ago. The most intense dance study I had was ballroom and Latin dance in the late 1970s. I studied flamenco dance under Pablo Rodarte until I quit dancing flamenco and concentrated on playing flamenco guitar.

      1. Oh, lI can hardly wait, Resa!! The Vancouver Mural Festival is on now. I hope to get out to see what’s happening but the heat is on these days. I think I will take my umbrella out with me. It really helps reduce the heat of the sun.

        1. Shade helps. I get you on the heat and sun.
          Will the murals stay? Then you can go on a cooler day. Even if 5 of the murals stay, and you can get them on a later day, YAHOO!

            1. LOL! Vancouver is a great place. I would consider it.
              There’s places like Niagara On The Lake or Stratford that are appealing. However, they are not known for their street art.
              Going to check the mural site now!

  1. I agree!
    There was too much sun to photograph the underpass and wall leading to street level.
    Light streaks and shadows.. uch.
    I knew I could return soon, on a cloudy day.
    I took some reminder shots, and went on my way.(for 2 hours)
    This art kept nagging me.
    I kept looking at the sun and its shadows
    I tried to see how now the shadows on this art would be
    I returned
    Was rewarded by
    More spectacular!

    1. Yes, velvety petals! I see that.
      The artist has a great feel. There is a flower at the beginning.
      The accumulation of the dancers expressions look like the flower…. to me, in an abstract way.
      xoxoxo 🐹🐹

                1. The first set was so/so!
                  Then the second set was WOW!!!
                  Norm recorded it! He’s going to sent it to me!, if it’s good. He said I can share! I hope it happens!
                  OH! did you see in a comment that ‘Oron is concerned about “Meece”! LOLOL he wants to know what a Meece is. I think we should keep Meece for ourselves. xoxoxoxoxo

                    1. 🤞Me too! It was a great set!
                      I was wallowing with my drawing during the so/so, but when it got hot, I came up with a pencil block for my Frida main piece!
                      Going to work on the gown for an hour, then draw until dinner!

                    2. Next Wednesday…I think. Norm is sending me the music file. I’m supposed to pick a song or 2. Then he will separate them (edit) from the massive 3/4 hour file.
                      THEN, he says he will ask the musician’s permission for me to post! LOL!

                      Not rushing the Frida artwork. Little by little, I draw and paint. Should I send you a partly done pic?

                    3. I want to hear that music!
                      Will send a shot of where I’m at on the Frida drawing tomorrow!
                      Did you see poor Marina’s Athens? OMG….shivering!
                      I think “they” are trying to lynch Cuomo!

                    4. I saw what’s happening in Greece. Tragic. An entire town in Cali Burned down yesterday. The fires still out of control. What’s happening… climate changes.
                      I don’t know about Cuomo. Some women are accusing him of sexual harassment and the political forces including Biden are telling him to resign. If he’s guilty he should resign. I have to remember he would be a real threat to Biden and to the GOP in 2024. Biden has asked him to resign before a trial. So much &@&@ going on. Looking for the sketches. ❤️

                    5. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Cuomo’s been in public service for 43 years. Yes, he would be a contender for president, until now.
                      …. and then there’s Sturgess! talk about &@&@

                    6. Im so upset over Sturgis my hair is on fire! So many people dying in the name of what these idiots call liberty yet they don’t mind wearing a seatbelt because it’s The law. Stupid people.

                    7. I feel I will be wearing a mask for 2 more years, and see a booster coming in the fall.
                      F%$^… what’s with DeSantis? Does he eat Idiot Ego Flakes every morning?
                      I worry about you down in Florida. xoxo

                    8. We need to do a special post for Marina!
                      Let’s see… I can use some drawings already done. I’ll use some of her fire shots. Can you throw in a poem?
                      It doesn’t have to be a fire poem….it could be encouragement or sisterhood… something hope filled… or good wishes filled.
                      Just a thought!

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  3. Oh, WOWWWW… this is an amazingly beautiful mural. I love the ‘smokey’ ethereal transparency of the figures and the artist has captured the movement beautifully! Absolutely gorgeous find!!!

        1. Yes! It could be in my home. Such a beauty to see in the street. Let me tell you! This is not the best hood in the city. I love that many are being exposed to this calibre of art. It’s got to be of cultural benefit, even just a touch.

  4. Incredible artwork here, Resa. Truly lovely colors and lines, such a palpable expression of love and joy. And you did a great job of isolating the rest of the world and giving us this immersion into the glory.

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