Graffiti Lux Legs – by Marina Kanavaki

Marina’s painting – Happy April With Poppies is now on leggings!


I bought my pair from her Society6 Shop  & I luv, luv them! I feel like a walking piece of Street Art.

Photo © Norman Orenstein
Photo © Norman Orenstein

I also bought them in Paths of Color [turquoise, blue and green] but I’ll show those at another time!


I tested the look with various shoes & ended up with a short heel, which is better than these sandals.

Photo © Norman Orenstein

Thanks, Marina! I feel so super cool! You can visit Marina on her blog site –

Art Towards A Happy Day

OR just click on the Society6 logo below, land in Marina’s page & do some shopping!


41 thoughts on “Graffiti Lux Legs – by Marina Kanavaki

  1. Ohhh Resa, they are really beautiful, I love 🙂 and you are sensational with them !!
    I think you’ve chosen a nice design, it is also the one that I like.
    The photos are great, Marina has a lovely model to show their creations.

  2. Somehow I have been following this blog for a reason and today is the accumulation of all those past posts that I’ve liked and commented on.

    Two words ………. your legs !

    It’s all downhill from today’s post my friend. What to do ? 😦

    Heehee. Love to you Resa. xoxoxo ❤ ❤

    1. It’s Marina’s art on the leggings that make legs look nice! LOL… luv to you, Ralph! 🙂 It’s not all downhill. I have more product reviews from buying things from our blog friends, and another pair of Marina’s art on leggings.
      I think it’s all uphill! ❤ xoxo

  3. Ah, Resa, you ARE super cool!!!! …and how lucky am I to have such a beautiful model wearing my poppies! You look gorgeous in them and that smile is what makes the picture perfect! Thank you soooooo much, my sweet friend for everything! Happy poppy walks! A big big kiss and a hug! 🙂 xxxx

    1. OMG!
      “Poppy walks”….. such a beautiful thought.
      I’m elated to model your art in a special product featuring your talent.
      Paths Of Color leggings also look fab, & hopefully I will post them soon. xxoo 🙂

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    1. Hey doll! ❤ If I got them delivered, for sure you can! Society6 is based in California. It's the same hemisphere! The art is gorgeous, & so many more products!
      I bet you look heavenly in leggings with art on them. OMG would love to see! ❤

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    1. Yeah! Yay! Society6 seems like a good deal. The royalty is small, but within the higher end of known percentages.
      They do everything. They make the product, ship, advertise & more! You do nothing, but reap royalties.
      OH… the big thing is… seems to be… you retain all of your intellectual property! They do not demand an exclusive, or exclusive rights!

      1. Very good deal then for the artists, even if not making them super rich super fast. 😉 I love looking through there and like knowing it’s not mass produced stuff like you see in most stores.

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