Street Art Poetry: Resa and I – Collaboration

This is the 3rd Street Art Poetry door Charlie and I have done together, even though we live 2,520 miles away from each other, and have only met in the blogosphere. MAKE ART NOT WAR
I’ll be closing comments, so head to Charlie’s blog to see the entire presentation & comment.

Charlie Zero The Poet

Our 3rd collaboration in ‘Street art poetry’.

Resa’s interpretation of my words ‘Mermaid’.
The color palette and the eye brings out the beauty in a mermaid.
She gives life to the painting and the words speak for themselves.

The eye of the mermaid sees beyond truth and love.

Resa is a rock star and a talented and wonderful human to us all here on WordPress. Her contribution to the arts is phenomenal. 

Without further ado our collaboration! Resa is the best and she really did such a beautiful job.

My vinyl eyes
hot orgasm.
The eerie rose
spilled cryptic commas.

I noticed the mermaid is forming a heart around the words.

The Beautiful Mermaid feeling some sun. 🙂

Miss Mermaid is now in the shade staring right at you to read the poem.

Beautiful colors on this door. The colors blossom brightly. 🙂

Resa is an incredible photographer.


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