Buff Monster

Happy Pre – Hallowe’en!

Buff #1

I’ve already saved up more than enough Graf for my Hallowe’en post…

Buff #2

…so thought I’d do a pre – Hallowe’en post!

Buff #3

Found in an alley south of Queen W.

Buff #5

Pics taken by Resa, September 8, 2015

Toronto, Canada

All Hallowe’en posts whether pre, on the day, or past are dedicated to Sherrie, the “Hallow’een Queen”!

Buff #4

6 thoughts on “Buff Monster

    1. Cool!
      We have some cartoonish bits & pieces here. I try to give all styles representation on my blog. Unfortunately, there is so much art in the streets, I am about 400 posts behind. LOL That includes about 60 all out full insanely amazing murals, mostly from Winnipeg.
      I will take anything from the streets of PR! 🙂

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