Flowers, Butterflies & Ladybugs

631 Montrose Street, Winnipeg –  side one

Artist: Mary Popien
Artist: Mary Popien
Artist: Mary Popien
Artist: Mary Popien
Artist: Mary Popien
Artist: Mary Popien
Artist: Mary Popien
Artist: Mary Popien
Artist: Mary Popien
Artist: Mary Popien

Pics taken by: Resa  – October 29, 2014

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Murals of Winnipeg

Artist: Mary Popien
Artist: Mary Popien

35 thoughts on “Flowers, Butterflies & Ladybugs

    1. It took my breath away with its beauty!
      You recognize wonderful work because you do wonderful work.
      Many regards, & much respect,Resa.

    1. I am enjoying spring, but have taken an assignment designing the wardrobe for a TV series! Yesterday I worked 14.5 hours. 12 hours is a short day. By the time finish this project it will be summer.
      Hope you are enjoying the season! _Resa ❤

      1. Hey that sounds great, Resa. Working with stuff you like isn’t really work though you might get tired when there is not enough hours!!!
        Keep up the good spirit of yours ❤

  1. Hi Resa. This is one of your best posts with such a lovely mural. Wow ! A 14.5 hour day ! I hope you have time to play my friend. xox ❤ ~~#~~ #< #< #< ~~#~~ ❤ xox

    1. Dear Ralph,
      I have no time to play, as I am working 7 days a week. ❤ Nonetheless, the production is over in early July, & there will be play time then.
      14 hour days are normal in film production.
      I absolutely adore my star, Kim Cattrall!
      She is amazing!
      xox ❤ ~~#~~ #< #< #< ~~#~~ ❤ xox

      1. Quick ! Quick ! I had better answer you quickly my friend just in case you’ve gone back to work. I’ve Googled KC and I see what you mean. I bet you two get on like a house on fire. Have a lovely evening Resa.
        xox ❤ ~~#~~ #< #< #< ~~#~~ ❤ xox 911

  2. The detail in this mural is awesome (those violets!), and the colors and subject matter are truly beautiful. Nice job photographing it, too, Resa, with both the close-ups and perspective shots. 🙂

    1. 2 more sides to go… and that is about all I can handle while I’m on this TV series. Although it’s demanding, I must say Kim Cattrall is wonderful!

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