Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Traditional or not, it’s a feast. You’ve got popcorn, pizza and bacon.

TG #1

i see fried eggs, hamburgers, french-fries, bagels, hot dogs and drumsticks.

TG #2

I see ice-cream cones, donuts and … that’s dessert! Enough food!

TG #3

Whatever you eat on this Canadian Thanksgiving, be thankful you’re eating & for anything else you can think of!

TG #4

Pics taken by Resa – July 27, 2014

Toronto, Canada

28 thoughts on “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

  1. No turkey for me today, but I may treat myself with some chicken tomorrow watching football, and do some painting…Happy Thanksgivings! besides it is the last day off until Christmas time….:)

    1. I’m a veggie, so I won’t be eating turkey, either. However, I plan to stuff all of the delicious many non-meat courses into …. me!
      Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your chicken and may your team win! 🙂

    1. Me, about .3 kilos..”lol” 😀
      I don’t eat turkey and gravy, so I won’t gain as much as some people.Thanksgiving is a delicious, but dangerous time in that regard.
      My plan is to go take pics of graffiti tomorrow for about 3 hours, so I will be walking some of it off! 😀 😀

    1. My appetite!!! Just kidding. It’s an all and out turkey feast with at east 10 more courses and dessert. I get my own veggie stuffing (Yummo) baked outside the turkey.
      And not forgetting, the many fruit courses. 😀
      Okay last comment and I’m outta here! 😎

    1. I have a mural for next month. I ran it for American Thanksgiving last year, and I’ll bring it up again this year.
      Thanksgiving is a most wonderful time. I do believe it is an American celebration and tradition that we Canadians adopted.
      It is the most important non-religious family and friends feast that I can think of. If there was ever a holiday the entire world ever needed….it s a Thanksgiving!
      Love to you, Daniel! _Resa xo

    1. Thanks Frank! I have been exercising like a fiend… that’s how good dinner was. I should be ready for the next big one at Christmas.
      Just over a month away from your Thanksgiving!

    1. Le Canada célèbre Thanksgiving environ 6 semaines plus tôt que les américains.
      Nous avons similaires se régalant avec la Turquie, jambon, ignames, pommes de terre, tarte à la citrouille et autres goodies de récolte…

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